Blue-Cloud 2026 aims at providing a European core data and knowledge service next to EMODnet and Copernicus Marine, and major component for the Digital Twins of the Oceans (DTO’s). One of the core services of the Blue-Cloud ecosystem is a Federated Data Discovery & Access Service (DD&AS), which gives a common discovery and access to the data and data products as managed and provided by a series of leading European marine data management and research infrastructures, so-called Blue Data Infrastructures (BDIs).

The webinar will give information about the Blue-Cloud initiative and more details about the architecture and approach for the Blue-Cloud DD&AS. More information will be given about the Blue-Cloud 2026 activity for optimizing the FAIRness of the DD&AS and the web services of its federated (BDIs). Moreover, it will provide insight how a few BDIs are managing their networks of data originators in order to provide harmonised and FAIR discovery and access to their collected data resources, using and promoting best practices and standards.

You can find out more and register here.

via Blue-Cloud
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