New OCTO Webinar: Getting our $h!t together: The urgent need and opportunities to improve public and ocean health by addressing sewage pollution – 04 October 2022

Presented by: Chris Clapp of The Ocean Sewage Alliance

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 4, 1 pm US EDT/10 am US PDT/5 pm UTC

Description: Roughly 80% or more of the world’s sewage enters the oceans completely untreated or poorly treated, stressing many ecosystems to the point of collapse. This challenge goes largely unnoticed until a crisis happens – a fishery is lost, beaches get closed, or, worse, people get seriously ill. The Ocean Sewage Alliance was formed to break the silence about ocean sewage pollution and bring a sense of urgency to public discourse on the issue. We do so by simultaneously raising awareness about the problem and highlighting the many opportunities that arise from addressing sewage pollution – opportunities in the form of resource recovery, job creation, and risk avoidance.

Host: OCTO

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