Presenter: Nadia Pinardi

Moderator: Mairéad O’Donovan

Date: 5 December 2022 12:00 UTC/GMT (See what time that is for you)

The Global Coastal Ocean concept, at the center of CoastPredict, considers all coastal ocean regions as an interface area. The present definition is that the global coastal ocean is that region extending inshore from the estuarine mouths to river and urban settlements and offshore from the surf zone to the continental shelf and slope where waters of continental origins meet open ocean currents. The key science paradigm to be developed and implemented should produce a quantum leap in the quality and effectiveness of predictions for the global coastal ocean. This new science requires an integrated approach of observing and modelling that will allow to improve our understanding, test theories and hypothesis, reduce uncertainties from events to the climate time scales. CoastPredict is part of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) strategy to design and implement a permanent global system for observations, modelling, and analysis systems for marine and ocean variables in support of operational coastal services worldwide. GOOS and CoastPredict will provide: 1) accurate descriptions of the present state of the coastal oceans; 2) continuous forecasts of the future coastal ocean conditions as far ahead as possible; 3) the basis for predictions of climate change impacts on the coasts.


via GOOS
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