NSFfunded PhD position available at the University of New Hampshire

TheLesser, Plachetzki (http://www.unh.edu/plachetzki-lab/), and MacManes
(http://genomebio.org) Labs at the University of New Hampshire are
in search of a talented PhD student to work on a NSF-Dimensions of
Biodiversity-funded project aimed at examining the relationships between
marine sponges and their microbiomes.

Theproject will identify the phylogenetic, genetic, and functional
biodiversity of coral reef sponges across the Caribbean basin. This work
will combine cutting edge techniques in phylogenetic comparative methods
and the analysis of high throughput Illumina sequencing data. Though this
student will focus on phylogenetic comparative methods and genomics,
there will be opportunities for field work in the Caribbean to learn
techniques in marine and coral reef biology. We especially encourage
students of diverse and non-traditional backgrounds to apply. The
successful candidate may have an undergraduate degree in Biology,
Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or other disciplines.

Applicationsare to be submitted to the UNH graduate school
(http://www.gradschool.unh.edu/apply.php, Deadline January 15). Interested
students are strongly encouraged to contact us at matthew.macmanes@unh.edu
and david.plachetzki@unh.edu. Please include a CV and statement of
purpose with correspondence.



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