PhD: kelp adaptation to climate change


We are seeking a number of PhD students for projects which will determine if population connectivity and thermal stress limits the ecological performance and capacity for biological adaptation of seaweed forests to environmental change.

Prestigious and generous scholarships are currently available to international and domestic students (…/scholarshi…/deans-excellence). Scholarships include a $40Kpa stipend,research travel/conference allowance of $5000 per annum, a research operating and submission costs allowance of $5000 per annum, overseas student single health cover (for international students) and tuition fees.

Applications close 31st August (international students) or 31st October (domestic students).

Prospective candidates should send a CV and cover letter, briefly outlining their motivations for pursuing PhD research and their interests, to Assoc Prof Thomas Wernberg ( or Dr Melinda Coleman (

Dr Melinda Coleman | Principal Research Scientist
Fisheries NSW
Department of Primary Industries
National Marine Science Centre
2 Bay Drive | PO Box 4321 | Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
T: +61 2 6648 3937 | M: 0418431220

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