PhD Kelp Gametophyte Bio-Reactors for Metabolite Extraction, SAMS (UK)

Gametophyte bioreactor culturing could be a sustainable alternative source for many compounds, avoiding the need to harvest natural seaweed beds which act as nursery grounds/habitats for commercial fish and invertebrate species. Gametophyte cultivation also has technical advantages over using microalgae; Microalgae are often harvested by fine filtration, which is very costly. In contrast, gametophytes form macroscopic filamentous clumps, which can be easily harvested by sedimentation or coarse filtration, making the biomass cheaper to produce.
Applicants must possess a minimum of an Honours degree at 2:1 and/or a Master’s Degree (or International equivalent) in a relevant subject.
The student will be based at SAMS, Oban under the supervision of Dr Phil Kerrison (SAMS) and Dr Adam Hughes.

Application deadline: 8 May 2017

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