PhD in Modelling biogenic reefs as hotspots of production and biodiversity, NIOZ (the Netherlands)

The department of Estuarine and Delta Systems (EDS, NIOZ-Yerseke) aims to understand how the interplay between organisms, hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics and biochemistry shapes the estuarine and delta environment, and how it affects the functioning and resilience of the diverse natural communities living there. The aim of this project is to study the processes behind the spatial concentration and recycling of resources within reef communities, using a combination of modeling and supporting experiments, and addressing the questions how resource concentration is achieved during reef formation, and how the processes affect the functioning of reef ecosystems -ranging from local amplification of biogeochemical pathways to the large-scale resilience and carbon sequestering capacities of reefs at the global scale.

Application deadline: 1 Nov. 2016

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