PhD opportunities at the Australian Institute of Marine Science

PhD opportunities at the Australian Institute of Marine Science in collaboration with James Cook University (aims@jcu). Check the link below for more detail, and note the deadline for international applicants is already by the end of August. If you or one of your students are interested in one of those topics please contact the supervisors listed under the respective project ideas.

1) Microbial Contributions to the Acclimation and Adaptation of Coral Reef Organisms<>
2) Transgenerational effects of climate change in seagrasses<>
3) Immune competence and disease susceptibility of Crown-of-Thorns Starfish<>
4) Ecology of an important coral predator: eDNA as a novel tool to investigate different life-history stages of Crown of Thorns Seastars (Acanthaster planci)
5) Petroleum ecotoxicology to coral reef species<>
6) Cumulative impacts of water quality and climate change (SST warming and ocean acidification) on important reef species<>
7) Can adaptation help corals cope with climate change?


Dr Sven Uthicke
Principal Research Scientist
Australian Institute of Marine Science
Team leader “Understanding and managing Crown of Thorns Seastar outbreaks”
w: 0747534483
m: 0447825604

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