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he Faculty of Earth Sciences at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences seeks applicants to fill a Ph.D student position for three years. The project has the title: The Nihewan Basin (China) – depositional history and hominins. The planned research will focus on the micropalaeontological, sedimentological and geochemical investigation of sediments from archaeological excavation sites in the Nihewan Basin (Hebei Province, China). The earliest artefact-bearing sediments were accumulated in the basin 1.6 million years ago. Shells of ostracods (micro-crustaceans) will be analysed in detail to use the species composition data for reconstructions of the depositional setting and the regional palaeoenvironment and climate history. In addition, ostracod shells will be used for stable oxygen and carbon isotope analyses. Four key sections in the basin will be investigated and correlated using the obtained multi-proxy data.

Further information on the position and the application procedure is available at: ndex.php?sid=2448&starf=108

or in Icelandic at: sla_rannsoknir/doktorsnemi-i- jardfraedi-haskoli-islands-jar dvisindastofnun-reykjavik-2016 09-1284

The application deadline is 28 November 2016.

PD Dr. Peter Frenzel
Allgemeine und Historische Geologie
Institut für Geowissenschaften
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Burgweg 11
07749 Jena
Tel. ++49-3641-948619
Fax  ++49-3641-948622

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