Functional Variability and Dynamics of Responses of Marine Forests to Global Change – project MARFOR

2 PhD positions will probably be available subject to final funding by the German funding organization dealing with Task 1.2 and 1.3 of the Project MARFOR.
The two students will work in tight cooperation – one will have a wider focus on ecological aspects, the other on genomic aspects, but both will employ molecular methods.

Contacts for further information:
Dr. Inka Bartsch:
Dr. Klaus Valentin:

Short name / Acronym : MARFOR
Global project Coordinator: CCMAR
Proposal number : BiodivERsA3-2015-165

WP 1 – Spatial variability of functional traits (coordinator AWI)
Task 1.1. – Population biology and reproductive ecology along species distribution range.
Task 1.2. – Environmental stress across species, populations and life-cycle stages: constraints for recruitment and survival.
Task 1.3. – Transcriptomic responses to thermal changes across species, populations and life cycle stages.

WP 2 – Modelling spatial distributions, range shifts, connectivity, trajectories (coordinator CNRS)
Task 2.1. – The genetic landscape of key marine forest species
Task 2.2. – Connectivity
Task 2.3. – Citizen Science to assess the conservation status of NE Atlantic marine forests
Task 2.4. – Species distribution modelling of the realized and fundamental niche within species

WP 3. – Implications and Applications (global coordinator CCMAR)
Task 3.1. – Integration of all Tasks – spatial units of connectivity, their functional traits/diversity and predictions for future scenarios.
Task 3.2. – Conservation. Implications for conservation, habitat restoration and policy
Task 3.3. – Implications for the seaweed aquaculture industry

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