A number of fully funded (UK & EU applicants) PhD projects are now available at University of Southampton based in the National Oceanography Centre. This  is a great chance to join a dynamic sedimentology and geohazards research group. Please pass on to anyone who is interested and feel free to get in touch following the links below of email me directly. The projects benefit from interaction with a number of other academic and industry organisations.
> A few of the particularly BSRG-relevant projects are listed below: >
> “From little flows to large landslides – the first field-scale test of frequency-magnitude relationships for turbidity currents”
> http://noc.ac.uk/gsnocs/project/from-little-flows-large-landslides-%E2%80%93-first-field-scale-test-frequency-magnitude-relat
> This project will focus on the first direct measurements of turbidity currents from source to distal lobe at multiple locations. Will include fieldwork in stunning British Columbia to acquire more exciting data from active flows.
> “Characterising continental weathering in past greenhouse worlds”
> http://noc.ac.uk/gsnocs/project/characterising-continental-weathering-past-greenhouse-worlds
> Integration of geochemistry and deep marine sedimentology across the Eocene to unravel effects of past major climate change, including laboratory, core analysis and outcrop based fieldwork
> “Understanding sediment suspension in turbulent geophysical flows using refractive index matched experiments”
> http://noc.ac.uk/gsnocs/project/understanding-sediment-suspension-turbulent-geophysical-flows-using-refractive-index-
> Novel experimental work aiming to provide a critical link between flows and their deposits that can be used to interpret flow dynamics from deposits in
> the natural world.
> A wider range of projects can be found at http://noc.ac.uk/gsnocs/projects
> Cheers
> Mike
> Dr Mike Clare
> Directorate of Science and Technology – Marine Geoscience Researcher
> Geohazards and Sedimentology Research Group
> NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow (2016-2019)
> Environmental Risks to Infrastructure: Identifying and Filling the Gaps
> http://projects.noc.ac.uk/risk2infrastructure/
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> email: michael.clare@noc.ac.uk
> twitter: @MikeAClare
> Skype: michael_clare
> Visit the BSRG at www.bsrg.org.uk

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