The University of Algarve, CIMA (Centre on Marine and Environmental Research), invites applications for a post-doc Researcher post in Coastal Oceanography, within the project SCORE – Sustainability of using Ria Formosa Currents On Renewable Energy Production (FCT- PTDC/AAG-TEC/1710/2014,, from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology 2014 call for Project Grants in all scientific domains.

The applicants must be graduated (BSc or MSc) on Marine Sciences, Oceanography, and Coastal Engineering and have a PhD in Coastal Oceanography or Coastal Engineering. The candidates must have Portuguese or English as primary language and a high level of written and spoken English. The applicants should demonstrate their ability to work with oceanographic data and hydrodynamic / wave models (e.g. Swan, Delft3D), as well as experience on computational fluid dynamic models (CFD such as AnysFluent); working knowledge of MATLAB and other programming languages; processing of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers datasets and experience with other coastal oceanography instrumentation (e.g. pressure transducers, echo-sounder and RTK-DGPS). Preference will be given to applicants that have been dealing with performance data of marine renewable devices; extensive knowledge of metocean analysis techniques; experience working with tidal stream energy industry. It will be necessary that the candidates demonstrate to be able to produce high level research publications on the above topics.

The work will be developed at CIMA – Centre on Marine and Environmental Research from the University of Algarve, jointly with the Researcher André Pacheco, principal investigator of the SCORE project and coordinator. The grant will have a first contract of 6 months duration, beginning on the 1st October 2016, and will be renewed up to a maximum of 19 months, in exclusiveness regime.

The application will be open from 22th July 2016 till 22th August 2016.
More information at eracarrers.

Principal Investigator,
André Pacheco

André Pacheco (PhD, Physical Oceanography)
UALG Researcher – CIMA Vice Director
CIMA, Centre for Marine and Environmental Research, University of Algarve, Edifício 7
Campus de Gambelas, s/n, 8005-139 FARO, PORTUGAL
Gabinete 1.69, Ext 7885
Phone: (+351) 966213039

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