two year post doc position is available at the Department of biology, preferably starting 1 January 2017. The position is in the project “Enabling technology providing knowledge of structure, function and production in a complex Coastal Ecosystem (ENTiCE), funded by the Norwegian Research council.

The primary goal of ENTiCE is to quantify how physical forcing (e.g. tidal mixing and upwelling) controls the nutrient availability and light regime and thereby impacts productivity, community structure and function in a highly productive region along the Norwegian Coast. The secondary goal is to create enabling technology beyond state of the art for cost effective and high quality sampling. These objectives will be achieved by developing, testing and deploying technology and model systems with an inter-disciplinary group of scientists and engineers with a significant outreach component for local high-school students. The impact of the project will be better ecosystem understanding, knowledge based resource management, and decision-making tools, for complex dynamic coastal ecosystems.

Part of the project will be to implement a Fast Repetition Rate fluorometer FRRF on different platforms to provide photosynthesis and primary production data used for basic ecosystem information for the area and for ecosystem modeling purposes.

Information about the department

The strategy of the Department of Biology is to understand biological processes of life to secure sustainable use of and conservation of the environment. The Department has academic and research activities in the following disciplines: cell- and molecular biology, systems biology, physiology, ethology, ecology, evolution, population genetics, marine biology, aquaculture, biodiversity and environmental toxicology. Further information is available at:

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