Postdoctoral Research Assistant position


Postdoctoral Research Assistant position at the University of Oxford,
United Kingdom.

This project is devoted to evolutionary genetic analysis of
mineralising marine phytoplankton, such as diatoms and
coccolithophores, that play an important role in global carbon cycle,
being the dominant contributors to carbon sink to the deep ocean.
Although phytoplankton has attracted a lot of attention from
climatology researchers, surprisingly little is known about its
evolutionary genetics. Our study will help to fill this void. The
successful candidate will have strong interest in evolutionary genetics
and significant experience in population genetic and phylogenetic data
analysis. Previous experience with marine evolutionary genetics as well
as high-throughput sequence data analysis, programming/scripting and
unix environment will be a significant advantage. For further details
please contact

This project is at the interface between evolutionary genetics,
palaeontology and climatology, and involves a collaboration between
Oxford departments of Plant Sciences (Prof. Dmitry Filatov) and Earth
Sciences (Prof. Ros Rickaby). The grant is held by Prof Dmitry Filatov
and the work is to be conducted in his lab in the Department of Plant
Sciences, Oxford. Filatov’s lab is part of a broader Oxford community
of evolutionary biologists and geneticists based in the departments of
Plant Sciences, Zoology, and Statistics.


The postdoc on this project will be responsible for evolutionary
genetic analysis of high-throughput sequence data from multiple species
of mineralising marine phytoplankton and preparation of papers for
publication. Most of the data will be available on or soon after the
PDRA start date, so it is expected that wet lab work will be minimal
(if any) and the bulk of the work will be computer-based. The postdoc
will also be encouraged to participate in other on-going projects in
the lab (see )

Vacancy ID : 125466

Closing Date : 28-Oct-2016

Salary: £30,738 – £37,768 p.a.

Prof. Dmitry A. Filatov, PhD
Professor of Evolutionary Genetics,
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of Oxford,
South Parks Rd,
Oxford OX1 3RB
United Kingdom

Dmitry Filatov <>

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