postdoctorate researcher – comparative and population genomics of fishes

The Bernatchez’s Lab at Univerity Laval (Québec City, Canada) is
currently searching for a postdoctorate researcher to be involved in our
ongoing research program pertaining to the comparative and population
genomics of fishes. This research program is very well supported from
multiple funding agencies (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research
Council of Canada, Canadian Research Chair Program, Genome Canada,
Genome Québec, Fonds nature et Technologie Québec) and involves
numerous collaborators, both national and international from over 20
countries. Our research program aims to enhance fundamental knowledge
pertaining to the evolutionary processes responsible for generating and
maintaining genetic diversity within populations of aquatic animals,
with relevance for management and conservation.

Depending on his/her specific expertise and qualifications, the
selected candidate can be involved in one or several of the specific
projects currently conducted including either marine (Halibut, Capelin),
anadromous/catadomous (Salmon,Eel) or freshwater (Trout, Whitefish),
among others. Details of specific ongoing projects can be found on our
website (see below).

Required Qualifications:
We are primarily searching for a prospective candidate with strong and
demonstrated bioinformatics skills in whole genome assembly who is also
familiar with scripting and programming. The ideal candidate should also
be familiar with population genomics analyses of data sets derived from
whole genome resequencing, high density SNP chips, RADseq/GBS genotyping,
as well as epigenome (methylation) data sets. Candidates must be fluent
in English, both written and spoken.

The position is available now and for 2 years, likely renewable for a
third year, and to be filled as soon as possible. Salary is established
according to local University standards.

To apply, please send a cover letter describing your research interests
and qualifications, a complete CV and names of three references by e-mail

Do not hesitate to contact me directly for any further details or

To learn more about.

Our lab, research program, publications, people:
The Canadian Research in Genomics and Conservation of Aquatic Resources…/research_programs.htm

Laval University :

Québec City :

Louis Bernatchez,
Canadian Research in Genomics
and Conservation of Aquatic Resources
Institut de Biologie Intégrative et des Systemes, Pavillon Charles-Eugene
Marchand, Universite Laval, Québec, QC G1V 0A6 Canada

Tel: 1 418 656-3402
Fax: 1 418 656-2043

Louis Bernatchez <>

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