The position for Professor of Spatial Water Quality and Aquatic Systems is now open for application at the University of Twente, Netherlands . See

The deadline for application is 7 November 2016.

The Department of Water Resources Professor of Spatial Water Quality and Aquatic Systems is now seeking to appoint a new Professor who will have a leading role in initiating, coordinating and executing research and education activities in quantitative earth observation of inland and coastal water systems, with a focus on spatial water quality and biogeochemical cycles and budgets.

The successful appointee will focus on the development and application of novel scientific methods and approaches in quantitative earth observation of water quality (retrieval of aquatic bio-geophysical parameters – with emphasis on biogeochemical cycles and budgets). It is also expected that s/he will develop applications in integrated river basin and delta management by linking water quality to water quantity and in monitoring pollution and environmental security. The professor will work closely with the chairman of the department, professors and staff members, graduate and postgraduate students of the WRS department.

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