A team of coral scientists at CIMAS and NOAA-AOML in Miami are seeking collaborators on a Session proposal for the European Coral Reef Symposium (ECRS), UK, December of 2017

We are considering submitting a proposal for a Session entitled,
“Emerging Techniques in Reef Studies: ‘Omics, Remote Sensing, and
Biophysical Models,” but we would like to gauge interest from the List.
We hope for participant presentations on connectivity, but also on coral bleaching and other organismal responses, explored through combinations of ‘omics, ocean modeling, and remote sensing data.

Please get in touch if this interests your research team and you may be attending the ECRS, OR, if you are already considering submitting your own ECRS Session proposal that is akin to this topic. Session proposals are due in less than two weeks from today.

Lew Gramer
Nathan Putman
Jim Hendee

Dr. Lew Gramer, physical oceanographer, CIMAS@NOAA-AOML, +1-305-562-1735

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