Scientific Domain: Marine and Earth Sciences/ Coastal dynamics
Position: Research fellow
Qualifications: MSc in Marine Sciences, Oceanography, Coastal Management, or related areas. The candidates must have a good background on coastal Dynamics and experience on database analysis, both of temporal series and geographic datasets, with proved experience in GIS or remote sensing. Previous experience on fieldwork participation will be also valued.
Job description: The candidate will be working within the FCT exploratory project “Multi-scale approach of long-term coastal adaptation to climate variability”, which tasks include fieldwork surveys to collect data for understanding present-day analogs, data collection and analysis to reconstruct the recent evolution of coastal systems, and long-term modeling of coastal barriers. The objectives are common to the ones of the aforementioned project, on one hand the project aims to contribute to our understanding of the long-term evolution of sandy coasts with application to the Portuguese coast, but with worldwide implications and to contribute to the improvement of our capacity of simulating the long-term response of coastal sandy barrier.
For more details regarding the process and selection criteria please visit the link or contact us at
Óscar Ferreira
Associated Professor
University of Algarve, CIMA, FCT
Campus de Gambelas, Building 7
8005-139 Faro, Portugal
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