Seeking for assistants – Panglao Sustainable Wildlife Watching Project (Philippines)

Looking for marine mammal field experience?

LAMAVE is seeking assistants for the Panglao Sustainable Wildlife Watching Project, which will focus on investigating the interaction between tour boats and spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris).

Panglao is situated in the Bohol Sea in the Philippines and is an area of high biodiversity where many deep water cetacean species are encountered close to the coast.

LAMAVE are seeking assistants for a three month period, commencing as soon as possible. Being a non-profit NGO, we ask for assistants to pay a minimal monthly contribution that helps to cover living expenses. Upon request, interested individuals will be sent a detailed volunteer pack with information.

Key duties will include
· Boat-based data collection of dolphin behaviour & vessel activity.
· Collection of quantitative visitor survey data.
· Data entry.
· Assisting in the collection and processing of whale shark citizen science sighting data.
· Contribution to social media (e.g. monthly blog).

· Available to stay for three months, from late March 2017.
· Able to collect and transcribe data whilst onboard a boat.
· Able to work independently and in a team.
· Comfortable speaking with tourists and locals.
· Comfortable living in a shared house with basic amenities.
· Excellent eyesight.
· Physically fit and mentally focused enough to spend several hours a day on a boat and in the water, and then complete data entry to a high standard.
· Proficient in English.
· Strong interest in conservation biology, social science and environmental management.

· A degree in marine science, social science, environmental management or similar.
· Biological field research experience.

To apply for a position please email your CV and a cover letter explaining why you would like to volunteer for this particular project to, using ‘Panglao Project’ in the subject line.