SYNTHESYS 4th & last call for scientific visits in one of 18 institutions in Europe now open

SYNTHESYS Project funding is available to provide scientists based in European Member and Associated States to undertake short visits to utilise the infrastructure (namely the collections, staff expertise and analytical facilities) at one of the 18 partner institutions for the purposes of their research. The funding is free of charge and open to any scientists (students included) based in Europe willing to visit one SYNTHESYS sites for a 1 – 6 weeks long visit.

The 11 TAFs (Taxonomic Access Facilities) institutions represent an unparalleled resource for taxonomic research offering: Collections amounting to over 390 million natural history specimens, including 4.1 million type specimens; Internationally renowned taxonomic and systematic skill base; and Chemical analysis, molecular and imaging facilities..

Contact Virginie Bouetel after August 15th or visit the SYNTHESYS website.

Call closes: 13 October 2016

>> SYNTHESYS website
>> Contact Virginie Bouetel

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