Call for Applications: GOOD-OARS-CLAP-COPAS International Summer School – Deadline 30 November 2022

The GO2NE Secretariat would like to bring to your attention the GOOD-OARS-CLAP-COPAS International Summer School, which will be held in Chile in November 2023. The Summer School is designed to prepare the next generation of ocean scientists that will engage in multidisciplinary research and increase our understanding on the response of marine ecosystems in the next decades. The GOOD-OARS-CLAP-COPAS Summer School is opened to graduate and doctoral students, and early career scientists interested in interacting with world leading experts in the field in a friendly atmosphere, and enhance their understanding of the processes constraining the future state of the oceans and environmental risks to marine habitats and ecosystems.

You can find out more here. The application deadline is 30 November 2022.

via GO2NE
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