Synergy Summer School: Complexity and emergence in marine ecosystems/seascape: theory, mechanisms and data – Deadline 12 May 2024

We’re excited to share that the Synergy Summer School – a collaboration between BIOcean5D, Mission Atlantic and AtlantECO – is now open for registration.

This course aims at creating a new cohort of researchers who will be able to refine and address the most important theoretical and experimental challenges in the context of open ocean seascape ecology.  That is, to introduce the ocean fluid dynamics into current theoretical frameworks (community structure, biogeographies, niche concept, effectiveness of the active tracer response, persistence and fitness, possible functional redundancy, stability of the metabolic machinery with respect to species turnover, etc.) and in the design of new multidisciplinary studies.

A travel scholarship will cover travel expenses for 3 students residing in European countries and 1 student residing outside Europe.

In case you need to apply for travel support, please also fill in the dedicated grant application form.

A few details about the course:


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