Bremen ECORD Summer School 2022 – Deadline 31 May 2022

The Aim

The ma­jor goal is to bring PhD stu­dents and young Post­docs in touch with IODP at an ear­ly sta­ge of their ca­re­er, in­form them about the ex­cit­ing re­se­arch wi­t­hin IODP as (I)ODP and DSDP have been pro­ven to be the most suc­cess­ful in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve re­se­arch pro­grams in the his­to­ry of Earth sci­en­ces, and to pre­pa­re them for future participation in IODP expeditions. Such trai­ning will be achie­ved by ta­king the sum­mer school par­ti­ci­pants on a “virtual ship” whe­re they get fa­mi­li­a­ri­zed with a wide spec­trum of sta­te-of-the-art ana­ly­ti­cal tech­no­lo­gies and core de­scrip­ti­on and scan­ning me­thods ac­cor­ding to the high stan­dards of IODP ex­pe­di­ti­ons. In ad­di­ti­on, the the­ma­tic to­pic of the sum­mer school will be re­view­ed by va­rious sci­en­ti­fic lec­tu­res by the lea­ding ex­perts in the field.

Lo­ca­ti­on and Or­ga­niza­t­i­on

The ECORD Sum­mer School on “Sea le­vel, cli­ma­te va­ria­bi­li­ty and co­ral reefs” 2022 will take place from 5 to 16 Sep­tem­ber 2022 at the MARUM – Cen­ter for Ma­ri­ne En­vi­ron­men­tal Sci­en­ces, Bre­men Uni­ver­si­ty, Ger­ma­ny. It is or­ga­ni­zed by Dr. Ur­su­la Röhl, Head of the IODP Bre­men Core Re­po­si­to­ry (BCR), Dr. Tho­mas Fe­lis, Se­ni­or Sci­en­tist and Co­or­di­na­tor of the DFG Pri­or­ity Pro­gram­me “Trop­ical Cli­mate Vari­ab­il­ity and Co­ral Reefs” (SPP 2299) at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bre­men and Prof. Dr. Dierk Heb­beln, Gra­dua­te Dean of the Bre­men In­ter­na­tio­nal Gra­dua­te School for Ma­ri­ne Sci­en­ces (GLO­MAR).

MARUM and its In­ter­na­tio­nal Gra­dua­te School for Ma­ri­ne Sci­en­ces GLO­MAR, as well as the BCR joint­ly of­fer the uni­que trai­ning pos­si­bi­li­ties used for this sum­mer school by pro­vi­ding la­bo­ra­to­ry and se­mi­nar fa­ci­li­ties.

The To­pic

Tro­pi­cal shal­low-wa­ter co­ral reefs pro­vi­de a uni­que na­tu­ral ar­chi­ve of past chan­ges in sea le­vel, cli­ma­te and en­vi­ron­men­tal va­ria­bi­li­ty, as well as of the re­s­pon­se of co­ral reef sys­tems to ra­pid chan­ges in sea le­vel and cli­ma­te. Mas­si­ve, an­nu­al­ly ban­ded co­rals do­cu­ment sea­so­nal and in­teran­nu­al to de­ca­dal va­ria­ti­ons in tro­pi­cal cli­ma­te by the geo­che­mi­cal and iso­to­pic pro­xies in­cor­po­ra­ted into their ara­go­nitic ske­le­tons, as well as reef-sca­le en­vi­ron­men­tal chan­ges. They re­pre­sent a rare sour­ce of in­for­ma­ti­on from the past, pri­or to the start of in­stru­men­tal cli­ma­te ob­ser­va­tions and the es­ta­blish­ment of sys­te­ma­tic reef mo­ni­to­ring pro­grams. Fos­sil shal­low-wa­ter co­rals of drow­ned and ele­va­ted reefs can be ab­so­lu­tely da­ted by ra­dio­metric me­thods and pro­vi­de re­cor­ds of past sea-le­vel chan­ges on cen­ten­ni­al to mill­en­ni­al time­sca­les, far away from the in­flu­ence of the lar­ge Qua­tern­ary ice-sheets. Mo­re­o­ver, fos­sil reef ar­chi­ves pro­vi­de in­for­ma­ti­on on the re­s­pon­se of co­ral reef sys­tems both geo­lo­gi­cal­ly and bio­lo­gi­cal­ly to chan­ges in sea le­vel and cli­ma­te on the­se time­sca­les. Ta­ken to­ge­ther, co­ral reef re­cor­ds pro­vi­de a frame­work for eva­lua­ting the ef­fects of re­cent and fu­ture cli­ma­te chan­ge on tro­pi­cal cli­ma­te va­ria­bi­li­ty and co­ral reef eco­sys­tems.


In or­der to ap­p­ly for the ECORD Sum­mer School 2022, plea­se fill in the Online Application Form.

The deadline for applications is on 31 May 2022.

Suc­cess­ful ap­p­li­cants will be no­ti­fied by e-mail about ad­mis­si­on in June 2022. Af­ter re­cei­ving the ac­cep­tan­ce let­ter, admitted participants will have to confirm their participation via email and by payment of the course fee. If you have ques­ti­ons re­gar­ding the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on pro­cess, plea­se con­tact:

In case of wi­th­dra­wal af­ter 1 Au­gust 2022, only 50% of the cour­se fee is re­fun­ded.

To en­su­re a most ef­fec­tive trai­ning the ma­xi­mum num­ber of par­ti­ci­pants will be li­mi­ted to 30. We aim to com­pri­se a di­ver­se group with par­ti­ci­pants from all sta­tus groups.

Cour­se Fee

The cour­se fee is 150 Eu­ros and in­clu­des: lec­tu­res and lec­tu­re no­tes; cof­fee breaks; so­ci­al din­ner. The fee does not include: tra­vel, me­als, ac­com­mo­da­ti­on.


ECORD pro­vi­des scho­lar­ships for stu­dents from ECORD member countries to at­tend ECORD sum­mer schools.

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