Workshop on Earth Sciences 2016 – University of Évora, Portugal

On behalf of the Institute of Earth Sciences – Pole of Évora, of the School of Sciences and Technology (ECT) and of the Institute for Advanced Studies and Research (IIFA) of the University of Évora, we would like to invite you for the 1st edition of the Workshop on Earth Sciences 2016 which will take place in Évora, from December 8th to 10th, 2016.
The University has performed a leading role in the development of Earth Sciences through the work done in its research centers, such as the Évora Geophysics Center, which stood out in both the Internal and Atmospheric Geophysics fields and for the organization of 6 editions of PGUE.
The emergence of new challenges in the national science scene led to the union of three centers (Geophysics Center of Évora, Center of Geology of the University of Porto and the Center of Earth Sciences of the University of Minho) to form the Institute of Earth Sciences. The range of ICT research areas made a group of young scientists feel the need to organize a 2-day open event that would thoroughly reach their colleagues in the country and allow them to share the results they have gotten in their master´s, PhD´s, post-doctorate´s  and research fellow´s work.
The areas to be approached are:
  • Atmosphere;
  • Geophysics;
  • Geological processes;
  • Water and Environment;
  • Energy;
  • Archaeological and Geological heritage
  • Education in Earth Sciences.
The workshops will be carried out on Dec 8th and a series of conferences will be held on Dec 9th and 10th.
The workshops will take place at Luis Antonio Verney College, located in the Historic Center of Évora, allowing participants to appreciate the unique historical richness of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage Center.
João Fontiela
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