In 2021, the NF-POGO Shipboard training programme joined efforts with the Eurofleets+, an alliance of European marine research infrastructure which aims to meet the evolving needs of the research and industrial communities. As part of its Marine Internship Programme, the NF-POGO Eurofleets+ uses spare berths offered by Eurofleets+ partners, to offer seagoing placements for students of marine related sciences and technologies.


NF-POGO- Eurofleets+ – DTU Aqua

The National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) is responsible for the Danish contribution to the International Bottom Trawl Survey (IBTS) and the Baltic International Trawl Survey (BITS), surveys conducted in the North and Baltic seas, respectively, with the objective of assessment of commercial fish stocks.

IBTS and BITS campaigns are conducted periodically onboard the R/V Dana, a versatile multi-purpose vessel managed by DTU Aqua. During the campaigns, deep-stratified demersal trawls for fish stocks are conducted at daytime and paired with other measurements (e.g., hydrographic, physico-chemical, biological) at night-time.

Fellows onboard R/V DANA cruises

DANA – BITS 2021Joseph Sebastian (India, Asia)

DANA – IESNS 2022Luisa Reis de Souza (Brazil, Latin America)

DANA – HERAS 2022 – Toyosi Igejongbo (Nigeria, Africa)

DANA – IBTS 2022 – Julieta Rodriguez (Argentina, Latin America)

Sarmiento de Gamboa – SINES 2022 – Verynice Temu (Tanzania, Africa)