GEOTRACES is an international programme which aims to improve our understanding of biogeochemical cycles and large-scale distribution of trace elements and their isotopes (TEIs) in the marine environment. The global field programme will run for at least a decade and will involve cruises in all ocean basins run by a variety of nations.

GEOTRACES atlantic ocean section map

Planning has involved scientists from around 30 countries and GEOTRACES is expected to become the largest programme to focus on the chemistry of the oceans and will improve our understanding of past, present and future distributions of TEIs and their relationships to important global processes.

GEOTRACES’ mission is to identify processes and quantify fluxes that control the distribution of key trace elements and isotopes in the ocean, and to establish the sensitivity of these distributions to changing environmental conditions.

The FRidge cruise is the latest UK contribution to GEOTRACES (GA13) and will take place onboard the RRS James Cook in the North Atlantic.

NF-POGO Fellows

2017 – Azyyati Abdul Aziz (Asia)

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