Stellenbosch 2015

Stellenbosch, South Africa,  December 2015

NANO members met in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in December 2015 to discuss the progress of the Network. The location and time of the meeting were chosen to coincide with the arrival of students of the Floating Summer School on the RV Polarsten, where participants from Africa were funded by NF-POGO. A series of presentations about current and past NANO projects were followed by fruitful discussions. Main topics of discussions included NANO regional research projects, NANO Outreach and Communications. As a result of the meeting, an action item list was composed.

  • Pavanee Annasawmy, Mauritius/S. Africa
  • Sophie Seeyave (Executive Director)
  • Abdelfattah Atoui, Tunisia
  • Vikki Cheung (Scientific Coordinator)
  • Adriana Cervantes Gonzalez, Mexico
  • Mohammed Kajee, South Africa
  • Maziar Khosravi, Iran
  • Sebastian Krieger, Brazil
  • Nandini Menon, India
  • Shaazia Mohammed, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Oguguah Ngozi, Nigeria
  • Arnaud Nicolas, Mauritius
  • Jitraporn Phaksopa, Thailand
  • Ngwako Rabodiba Adam Mohale, South Africa
  • Suriyan Saramul, Thailand
  • Olga Shatova, Ukraine/New Zealand
  • Houssem Smeti, Tunisia
  • Folly Serge Tomety, Togo
  • Ted Wango, Ivory Coast
  • Amy Wright, South Africa
  • N’Guessan Eric Yao, Ivory Coast
NANO members in Stellenbosch, photo-credit: POGO


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