Get involved

How can you get involved?

To join the Network you must have participated in at least one NF-POGO training course. Read more about the trainings here.

Registration for the website/intranet

Click on the Become a Member button at the top right. Fill in your contact details, biography information and details of your participation in NANO programs. Your application will be reviewed by administrators (to ensure you are real!), you will receive an email once you have been approved.

Keep your username and password in a safe place and use it to login to the site and be part of the community!

Let us know what you are up to

Keep your profile updated, especially contact details, education and professional information. Keep us informed of any changes so NANO and members can communicate with you.

Making use of NANO website

Here are some pages that you may find most useful:

  • Opportunities page for advertising/finding out about jobs, conferences, training opportunities etc.
  • Newsletter page gathers links for all issues of NANO News, our biannual magazine with the latest on NANO and its members activities.
  • Projects page brings the latest updates on NANO Regional Projects.
  • Outreach page gathers activities of NANO on this subject.

Contributing to NANO Newsletter

We would like you to be part of it by sharing something about yourself through a short article/write-up that could be about:

  • your current work/project, research interests, scientific achievements;
  • extracurricular activity related to your work (or marine science) that you’ve been involved in (e.g., beach clean up, community/educational outreach, etc.);
  • any interesting, exciting, unusual (or even funny) experience while doing your work (e.g., cruise/field work, conference, etc), or if you’re working outside your country;
  • professional goals/plans and/or role of NANO (NF-POGO) in your career.

If what you have in mind doesn’t seem to fall under those above, we still encourage you to send it. We could still have it as a feature article or start a new mainstay column in the newsletter. If in case you had an article published in previous issues, you are always welcome to send a new article or an update of the previous one. For more information keep an eye on your email for the editor’s announcements or contact NANO (Lilian Krug).

Contributing to NANO scientific and outreach activities

Currently, NANO has 5 Regional Research Projects where members from different countries work together developing truly international science on different aspects of water quality. We invite you to take a look on your region’s project and see if you would like to join them. If so, please contact the project’s coordinator.

NANO also develops outreach activities in two fronts:

  • We feed an Online Educational material catalogue that you can use in your activities and/or you can provide your own material to enrich the catalogue.
  • NANO supports active engaging initiatives for increasing general public awareness of marine issues by providing small funds with biannual calls for proposals. Keep an eye on your email for the Outreach coordinator announcements or contact NANO (Lilian Krug).
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