Educational Material Catalogue

Educational Material Catalogue
Here we are listing a series of digital educational resources you can find useful to teach, communicate and promote ocean sciences. Links for educational portals and teaching material available on the internet together with educational material (lecturers in videos or slide presentations, posters, websites, etc) elaborated by our alumni will be classified into our 12 research themes and age groups. How can you help? By providing us material: If you know a website or have yourself prepared an educational resource, we will include it in our catalogue. We will make sure authorship is secure and promote your material among our alumni and friends. By assisting with translation: To reach as many young students and future ocean scientists as possible, we envision to provide at least part of the material in English but also in other languages. You could assist us by doing the translation to your mother language.

By participating on the forum: The discussion forum will be open to questions and doubts of the alumni regarding any topic in ocean sciences. You can participate by posting your questions or elucidating someone else’s. Please, contact us (see Outreach team contacts on the bottom of this page) to volunteer. Use it for your Outreach Program! By clicking here you can find a catalogue for external materials found in the internet.

NANO Global Project Webinar Series

In 2019 the joint global project A global study of coastal Deoxygenation, Ocean Acidification and Productivity at selected sites (NANO-DOAP) propose to organise and host capacity building opportunities in the form of webinars open to the public. The webinars are recorded and available at the page of the project and at POGO’s YouTube profile .

5-10 years old
(Pre-middle school)

11-14 years old
(Junior high school)

Sounds in the Ocean

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