36 new Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) added to portfolio

The IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force provides groundwork for conservation of whales, dolphins, sirenians, pinnipeds, and other marine mammals by identifying globally Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) through a robust, peer-reviewed process. IMMAs are discrete portions of habitat, important to marine mammal species, that have the potential to be delineated and managed for […]

EMB Ocean Decade newsletter: Next edition on 15 December

As an Implementing Partner, the European Marine Board has committed to support the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (Ocean Decade) through various activities and events, which are all highlighted on the EMB website. Earlier this year, EMB launched the Ocean Decade newsletter to provide updates on all EMB’s activities related to the […]

Participate in the PREP4BLUE survey: training, resources, and expertise required to support the EU Mission Ocean

You are invited to take part in a survey of the training, resources, and expertise currently required to support marine and freshwater stakeholders that work in citizen engagement around Europe. The survey is being conducted as part of PREP4BLUE, a Horizon Europe project that supports the EU’s Mission: Restore Our Ocean and Waters by 2030. The PREP4BLUE survey […]

Database of climate experts from Global South

Carbon Brief has set up the Global South Climate Database to ensure that journalists from all over the world can contact scientists and experts from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific. You are requested to consider adding your information if this is relevant to you, so there is a better representation of all voices. via CB […]

Release of the latest version of the European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model

Scientists at Plymouth Marine Laboratory have released the latest open source version of ERSEM, the European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model. The Marine Systems Modelling team have shared the updated version of the model, which is currently used both for regional applications around the world, from the Northwest European shelf to South East Asia, as well as at a global […]

Apply for Horizon Europe Young Observers

Are you interested in how research projects acquire EU funding? Don’t miss this interview with the current Young Observers for insights on the process and tips for a successful application. Deadline to apply for the next round is December 14. For more information click here. via EU Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences […]

Copernicus Ocean State Report is now available

The sixth issue of the Copernicus Ocean State Report and its summary is now available online. This annual publication provides a comprehensive and state-of-the-art overview of the current state, variations, and changes occurring in the European regional seas and global Ocean over the past decades and for recent years, particularly for 2020. It also highlights […]

Contribute to the Synthesis Report of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

The Synthesis Report of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) will synthesize and integrate materials contained within the Assessment Reports and Special Reports in a non-technical style. The final drafts of the SPM and longer report of the SYR are now submitted to Governments and Observer Organizations. If you would like to contribute to the […]

Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) “Dear Colleague Letter”

The Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) has produced a “Dear colleague letter” in lieu of a formal request for a community of practice in the Ocean Decade forum to support the Marine Life 2030 and other programmes focusing on marine biology observations. The letter aims to enable a dialogue, and coordination and cooperation between programmes. MBON invites […]

Learn about the 2023 Blue Park Award nominees and submit feedback – 04 December 2022

Marine Conservation Institute presents Blue Park Awards to outstanding marine protected areas (MPAs). Blue Park Award nominees undergo a rigorous assessment against science-based criteria. Blue Parks are in the right places, have the right rules, and the right management to effectively protect marine wildlife. Marine Conservation Institute announces the nominees for the 2023 Blue Park Awards. You can read the draft […]

ECOPs Conversations: New Episode!

ECOPs has just released their latest youtube video featuring ECOPs around the world. This week, we discuss community education and Ocean literacy with Chris Promise Nwachukwu – founder of NGO: Green Promise Initiative. Chris has just returned from an Ellen MacArthur Foundation training camp in Ethiopia, exploring ways to ignite circular economy solutions from a […]

World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) turns 15

This year, the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) turns 15, and they are kicking off their celebrations. Keep an eye on the WoRMS twitter (@WRMarineSpecies) and home page. On November 17th, they will start with a 15-week long series of news messages, highlighting several topics of WoRMS, a number of them from ‘behind the […]

EMBracing the Ocean artist Emily Lartillot’s work performance: Of roots and sea – 25 & 26 November, Paris

EMBracing the Ocean artist-in-residence Emily Lartillot’s choreography ‘Of roots and sea’ will be performed by youth dancers from Steps for a Change dance company at the University of the Earth event at UNESCO Paris on 25 and 26 November 2022. The choreography was developed in collaboration with researcher Yunne Shin from the French National Research […]

EMBracing the Ocean artists endorse Mission Ocean

EMBracing the Ocean artists Lera Litvinova and Emily Lartillot have both submitted their art projects in endorsement of the EC Mission Ocean. Lera’s project supports all three of the Mission Ocean objectives and the “Public mobilisation and engagement” enabler, and you can find out more about her work here. Emily’s project supports the Mission objective “Protect and […]

Re-watch ECOP Wednesdays: How to use your PhD without being an academic

In June 2022, EMB and the Young Ambassadors launched the online ECOP Wednesdays Event Series. The aim is to learn more about the European and international marine science policy landscape, and to interact with research and policy professionals and other relevant stakeholders in this landscape. The 5th ECOP Wednesday series event featured Dr Susanna Pakkasmaa who spoke about how to […]

New report maps potential environmental impacts of offshore renewable energy in Europe

The European Green Deal sets out the ambition to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, while addressing other environmental challenges, boosting the economy, improving people’s health and quality of life, and ensuring an inclusive and just transition. As part of the Green Deal, the Commission adopted the EU Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy to […]

Survey to understand practitioner needs for implementing 30×30

Based on the positive response to the Achieving 30×30 for Our Coasts, Oceans, and Communities Conference last November, CoastalQuest has launched a survey to understand the priority needs of practitioners across a broad range of multi-benefit coastal 30×30 initiatives. With this input they will provide training, technical assistance, small grants, and other support to help coastal 30×30 practitioners achieve […]

What webinars do you want to see?

OCTO is just getting started scheduling their 2023 webinars. The are reaching to the EBM Help members asking for any topics that would particularly like to see covered? or critical marine management/conservation issues that need more discussion? Groundbreaking research that should be highlighted? Useful tools more practitioners should know about? Please shoot your email to […]

Ocean Pavilion – COP27 Egypt 2022

If you are attending upcoming COPs and would like to be connected with other ECOPs that also are, please fill in the short form so we can create a sub-group and coordinate accordingly. You can find the form in this link. via ECOPs Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it […]

Short global survey on managing new interventions in changing oceans – Deadline 31 October 2022

Do you care about assisted evolution, cloud brightening, seaweed farming, translocation, coral propagation, and other novel marine interventions? Whether you are a researcher, practitioner, or decisionmaker, we want to hear your views! You are invited to take part in a short global survey about how new interventions in changing oceans are being proposed, assessed, and managed. […]

EU Survey: Towards a manifesto for gender-inclusive STE(A)M education and careers

The EU is facing an unparalleled shortage of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers and education. This survey is part of a roadmap of activities to address the underrepresentation of women in STEM, which will also feed into the follow-up to a proposal of the Conference on the Future of Europe that called […]

EMB Young Ambassadors workshop on “Learning to consider varying perspectives in conservation research” – slides and presentation now available online

On 14 October 2022, the EMB Young Ambassadors hosted a workshop on ‘Connecting to the Ocean: Learning to consider varying perspectives in conservation research’ at the YOUMARES Conference in Berlin. The workshop included: (1) a scene-setting presentation by EMB Young Ambassador Juliette Biquet; (2) a presentation by Professor Margherita Pieraccini (University of Bristol, UK) on her work on how […]

New video on EMB’s artist-in-residence Lera Litvinova’s ‘Under the Surface’ Art project highlighting marine pollution

EMB’s artist-in-residence programme ‘EMBracing the Ocean’ provides grants for creative individuals to inspire wide reaching societal change for Ocean sustainability by expanding societies’ understanding of the Ocean’s value and the urgency of ensuring its health and resilience now and into the future. Lera Litvinova, one of EMB’s current artist-in-residence, is a Ukrainian visual artist and art curator. As […]

Rewatch recordings: EU Research and Innovation Days 2022

The European Research and Innovation Days 2022 welcomed around 14,000 online participants and almost 200 speakers from all around the world. If you have missed this event or would like to re-watch it, all of this year’s session video recordings are available on the event platform. You can also relive the event by watching the wrap-up […]

EuroSea Gender and Diversity survey

The EuroSea Gender and Diversity Board has launched a survey on oceanographic activities in Europe. EuroSea is a H2020 funded project on Improving and integrating the European Ocean Observing and Forecasting System. This short survey (~10 minutes to answer) includes questions on demographics, background and careers in ocean science organizations, as well as any perceived barriers due to gender or […]

IPBES Report on the Sustainable Use of Wild Species

The IPBES Assessment Report on the Sustainable Use of Wild Species is now out. The assessment considers various approaches to the enhancement of the sustainability of the use of wild species and to strengthen related practices, measures, capacities and tools for their conservation through such use, taking into account the multiple worldviews and knowledge systems that […]

Survey on experiences and needs for ocean data visualization

OCN (Ocean Currency Network) is a Measurement as a Service (MaaS) business to make ocean data easier and less expensive to share and access. They are building a dashboard to visualize and compare multiple ocean datasets and eventually predict ocean patterns and anomalies. They are surveying potential users about their current experiences and needs for […]

Survey to inform best management guidelines for climate change mitigation in MPAs

The IUCN WCPA asks those whose work pertains to protected and conserved Areas to fill out the following survey to help inform the Best Management Guidelines for Climate Change Mitigation in Protected and Conserved Areas. The survey should take no longer than ~10-15 minutes to complete. The deadline to complete this survey is October 19. […]

Introduction to Conservation Social Science course open for registrations

This course offered by Human Nature builds knowledge and confidence for using conservation social science – allowing a better understand what it is, how it is delivered, and how it can help better understand audiences. For more detail and to register, visit this link. Registration closes October 13. via Human Nature Have any news or […]

New publication on impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on marine early-career researchers

The worldwide disruption caused by the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the activities of marine scientists working towards the goals of the UN Ocean Decade. As in other disciplines, marine early-career researchers (ECRs) are essential contributors to the development of novel and innovative science. Based on a survey of 322 of our […]

New Youtube series: ECOP conversations

ECOP conversations is a new Youtube series for Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs). In this first episode the host meets Alexis Bahl: Oceanographer, Salp researcher and National Geographic 2022 Explorer. You can watch the first episode here. via ECOPs Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

Influence future research as a reviewer with Open Research Europe

Are you an Early Career Researcher and would you like to influence future research? Open Research Europe is looking for reviewers. Open Research Europe is controlled by the European Commission using services provided by F1000, which is a member of the Taylor and Francis Group. This is an opportunity to provide constructive feedback to peers and […]

The Twilight Zone podcast episode

Into the Blue is a podcast produced by EMB Member organisation, the National Oceanography Centre (NOC). This podcast series dives deeper into a variety of topics relating to oceanography with a diverse selection of scientists who are helping to enhance our knowledge of the Ocean. In this new episode on the Twilight Zone, Dr Zoe Jacobs and Professor Stephanie […]

New website for EU Missions

The European Commission has released a new website to explore the five EU Missions, including the EU Mission Restore our Oceans & Waters (Mission Ocean). You can explore the website here. via EU Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

Launch of 6th Copernicus Ocean State Report (OSR)

The sixth issue of the Copernicus Ocean State Report and its summary is now available online, coordinated by Mercator Ocean International, the implementing entity of the Copernicus Marine Service. This annual publication provides a comprehensive and state-of-the-art overview of the current state, variations, and changes occurring in the European regional seas and global ocean over […]

ECOPs Conversations: First Edition

ECOP Alexis Bahl is our very first guest on “ECOP Conversations”, head over to their Youtube channel and subscribe, so you can be notified when this exclusive video drops! Alexis will be sharing some exciting news that you won’t want to miss! via ECOPs Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send […]

TOOLKITS: Postsecondary & Early Career

Are you starting a career in the Ocean sector and wondering how you can use your talents to sustain a healthy ocean? ECOP Canada teamed up with Ocean Week Canada and Ocean Networks Canada to bring you a FREE early career toolkit. Explore a future in Canada’s Ocean sector  ➡️ here and help ECOPs to spread […]

EC Guide for finding your EU Funding Programme for the Environment

The Commission has recently published a document on funding opportunities for the environment under the 2021-2027 Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) and NextGenerationEU. This guide provides a detailed description of those 2021–2027 MFF funding programmes and instruments that could support projects that directly or indirectly contribute to the EU’s environmental policies and objectives. The aim of this […]

Coming soon: New edition of the EMB Ocean Decade newsletter

As an Implementing Partner, the EMB has committed to support the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (Ocean Decade) through various activities and events, which are all highlighted on the EMB website. In April 2022, the Secretariat launched the Ocean Decade newsletter to provide updates on activities of the EMB Secretariat and EMB […]

New climate-resilient fisheries toolkit

EDF’s Fishery Solutions Center has released a new Climate-Resilient Fisheries Toolkit. The Toolkit provides fishing communities and partners with tools and resources to help them achieve their goals of resilient and sustainable fisheries in the face of climate change. The toolkit features over 30 tools and resources segmented into six themes: Governance & Policy; Science & […]

World Bank guidance on MSP and the inclusive blue economy

The World Bank defines the Blue Economy as the sustainable and integrated development of economic sectors in healthy oceans. Marine spatial planning (MSP) provides a comprehensive and integrated investment framework and financial and social rational for the Blue Economy. It does this by reducing investment risk and improving investors’ certainty for accessing marine resources. Specifically, […]

Call for further requests, inputs and suggestions regarding the rolling work programme of IPBES up to 2030

The Plenary, in its decision IPBES-7/1, paragraph 2, decided to launch a call for further requests, inputs and suggestions regarding the rolling work programme of IPBES up to 2030, in time for consideration by the Plenary at its tenth session (2023), and to consider at the same session the need for and timing of future […]

Ocean Sampling Day – Data now available

The Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) is a simultaneous worldwide research campaign where marine biologists around the globe participate in sampling of the world’s Oceans to produce contextual genomic data. Through Marine Biodiversity Observation Networks (MBONs) collecting cumulative samples, related in time, space and environmental parameters, researchers can gain invaluable insights into the marine environment, including […]

Share your ideas for new JPI Ocean Joint Actions

Do you want to inspire the international research agenda in the marine and maritime domain with your ideas for a new pan-European Joint Action? JPI Ocean is now offering interested stakeholders the opportunity to bring new ideas to the attention of their member countries. For more information and to submit your idea click here. via […]

Call for Expressions of Interest to host Second International Ocean Decade Conference

The First International Ocean Decade Conference was generously supported by Germany in virtual mode. The IOC Secretariat is now seeking written expressions of interest from Member States via their National Focal Points to host the Second International Ocean Decade Conference in late 2023 or early 2024. For more information click here. via UN Have any […]

New Report on Advancing Gender Equity in the Ocean Decade

The new report on Advancing Gender Equity in the Ocean Decade is a summary of three sessions hosted as part of the Ocean Decade Virtual Series 2020-21. You can access the report here. via UN Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

Introduction to Conservation Social Science course (November)

Would you like to build your knowledge and confidence of conservation social science? The next Introduction to Social Sciences for Conservation course will be running in November. This course provides you with a foundation of understanding of conservation social science and its disciplines, methods, and applications. Subscribe to be first to hear the dates and […]

A new film: ‘People of the Sea: a Blue Carbon Journey’

A film showcasing the important role the territorial waters can play in the fight against Climate Change, has been launched. The 10-minute film features the NOC‘s Dr Claire Evans who is working closely with marine scientists from the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) and Swansea University to quantify how much carbon is stored […]

Young Professionals Breakfast at Oceans 2022 (19 October)

ECOP’s recently spoke to Laura Meyer, who is currently interning at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Oceanic Engineering Society (IEEE OES) and Joshua Baghdady, ECOP lead for Marine Technology Society (MTS) about the Young Professionals Breakfast event during Oceans 2022, Hampton Roads. The Networking Breakfast “Gaining an Edge in the New Blue Economy.” […]

Watch “Our Ocean Future” online now

The “Our Ocean Future” side event at the UN Ocean Conference in June – with an equal set up between ECOPs and experienced Ocean professionals, where Asha de Vos voiced many powerful statements about marine science in the Global South and Dr. Sylvia Earle made a surprise appearance at the end. Well, you can now […]

IPCC WGI Interactive Atlas

In the year since its launch, the IPCC Working Group I Interactive Atlas has proven an exceptionally useful tool to make climate information easily accessible. The Interactive Atlas provides easy access to figures and data, including much of the climate change information underpinning the AR6. Click here to find out more. via IPCC Have any […]

EMBracing the Ocean artist Lera Litvinova opens her exhibition “Renaissance”

EMBracing the Ocean artist Lera Litvinova will open her exhibition “Renaissance” on August 26 at 17:00 at the Museum of Outstanding Figures of Ukrainian Culture (Lesya Ukrainka, Mykola Lysenko, Mykhailo Starytskyi, Panas Saksaganskyi) in Kyiv. At the exhibition, viewers will be able to see art objects related to Lera Litvinova’s series of works ‘Under the […]

ICES WGOH User Feedback Survey

The ICES Working Group on Oceanic Hydrography (WGOH) is seeking feedback on its main outputs. They will use your responses to review their products to make the WGOH and Working Group on Operational oceanographic products for fisheries and environment outputs as useful as possible. You can access the survey here. via ICES Have any news […]

ECOPs collecting information on funding sources

The Ocean Decade Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs) Network are gathering information on funding sources for ECOPs. Do you know of any grants, travel bursaries or scholarship opportunities? Have you been the recipient of funding or a prize? Please submit any information you have using this form. via ECOPs Have any news or opportunity in […]

Film Competition: Pianeta Mare Film Festival

The 1st Pianeta Mare Film Festival (5-8 October 2022) of Naples is organized by the Cultural Association Pianeta Mare Darwin Dorhn with main partner the “Anton Dohrn” Zoological Station of Naples. The Festival is one of the extraordinary events of the 150th anniversary of the “Anton Dohrn” Zoological Station. As part of this festival, a competition is being held for 1 minute mobile films, created […]

Photo Contest: Visual Storytelling of the Black Sea

Visual Storytelling of The Black Sea: Different Shores, Different Reflections and One Black Sea is a virtual photo contest organized as a part of the Black Sea Young Ambassador awareness-raising campaigns developed under the umbrella of Horizon 2020-funded Black Sea CONNECT Coordination and Support Action. They invite all professional and non-professional photographers, of all ages, from […]

Nominate next year’s Blue Parks

Blue Parks is an initiative of Marine Conservation Institute that aims to incentivize and accelerate effective, science-based marine protection for at least 30% of every type of marine ecosystem in every region of the global ocean. The Blue Parks team is now looking for next year’s Blue Parks. Please consider nominating an outstanding MPA for […]

Sustainable Development Report 2022

The new Sustainable Development Report 2022 has now been published, and presents data and analysis from a range of sources including international organizations, civil society organizations and research centres. The data suggests that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is at serious risk of not being fulfilled, especially given the far-reacing impacts of the COVID-19 […]

EMBracing the Ocean Artist at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The EMBracing the Ocean artist-in-resident Michael Begg will be performing with his group ‘Black Glass Ensemble’ as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on 16 and 17 August at the Queens Hall, Edinburgh. The performance draws on his previous work with MASTS and People Ocean Planet, bridging to his current work on the Antarctic and […]

Poll to evaluate global progress on marine EBM

Blue Parks is an initiative of Marine Conservation Institute that aims to incentivize and accelerate effective, science-based marine protection for at least 30% of every type of marine ecosystem in every region of the global ocean. The Blue Parks team is now looking for next year’s Blue Parks. Please consider nominating an outstanding MPA for […]

Poll to evaluate global progress on marine EBM

The Marine Ecosystem-based Management Progress Evaluation Group (MEBM-PEG) is conducting a poll to explore progress being made in implementing EBM for marine ecosystems. The information from this poll will be used to assist the MEBM-PEG group better assess progress towards EBM. This information will be analyzed and eventually published. Data will be aggregated so that individual […]

Foreign Marine Scientific Research Surveys 2022

A number of foreign marine scientific research programmes (FMSR) are undertaken in Irish waters each year. If you’re interested in participating in any of these surveys as the Irish Observer onboard, please see details of the Foreign Vessel Observer Scheme to check that you qualify. Summary details of the surveys are available via this link. […]

Fill out the survey for Marine Protected Areas

Seasonal forecasts and climate projections are used in a wide range of sectors and applications, from tourism to energy generation and food production. They provide opportunities for evidence-based long-term planning and early warning of unusual conditions, supporting an ecosystem-based management approach and helping in the design and implementation of nature-based solutions. There are many marine […]

The 12th WIOMSA Symposium Photo Competition is on!

WIOMSA has opened its 12th WIOMSA Symposium Photography Competition for submissions! The contest was launched on 5th June in celebration of World Environment Day 2022.  Plugging into the “Only One Earth” theme, and the essential role that the ocean and ocean science play in the planet’s functioning, the focus of the photo competition is  “A New […]

Bioeconomy Creative Competition: Show us the bioeconomy in your life

Are you a creative person between the ages of 14 and 35, legally residing in EU-27 or Ukraine and having an interest in bioeconomy and/or bioeconomy related fields (food systems, forestry, climate change, rural development, blue bioeconomy…)? Use art to contribute to the sustainable and circular transition of Europe! You can find out more here. […]

MINE-EMI Joint Master Program assessment survey

Project MINE-EMI is focused at elaboration of Joint Master Program (JMPs) that facilitate developing skills and competences to raise awareness on emerging maritime issues in order to promote sustainable management of the maritime sector. Based on performed benchmarking study and need analysis, the partnering Universities developed the curriculum of a JMP (Joint Master Program) to […]

Science in Shorts playlist 2022

Watch the top 10 ‘Science in Shorts’ playlist from 2022 via this link. This playlist is the result of a science communication challenge from Nature Awards. Have you already read EMB’s recent publication on Science Communication in Europe? Click here to download it for free. via EMB Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to […]

GOOS BioEco Portal: a platform for information on biological and ecosystem observations

GOOS launched the BioEco Portal of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS BioEco Portal) – an online platform that provides information on the sustained Ocean observing programs which deliver information about the health of marine life. “We now have for the first time a resource in GOOS that allows us to know who is measuring […]

Survey for educators/marine educators working in Caribbean region – Deadline 04 August 2022

On World Ocean Day 2022 The Ocean Foundation announced our newest initiative, the Community Ocean Engagement Global Initiative (COEGI). COEGI is dedicated to supporting the development of marine education community leaders and empowering students of all ages to translate ocean literacy into conservation action. We are working through various phases of implementation all geared towards […]

Scientists recover important marine geohazard data

According to an article published by the UK Research and Innovation body, scientists managed to recover sensors that were drifting across the Atlantic Ocean which held data on a seabed sediment avalanche, the world’s longest recorded one, that travelled 1100km off the West Coast of Africa in 2020. The data which was recovered showed that […]

Release of the guide ‘Implementing Operational Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting Systems’

On the 1 July at the United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon, the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) and its Expert Team on Operational Ocean Forecasting Systems (ETOOFS) announced the release of a Guide on “Implementing Operational Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting Systems”. The guide aims to promote the development of new marine forecasting systems around […]

IPBES Values Assessment – Decisions Based on Narrow Set of Market Values of Nature Underpin the Global Biodiversity Crisis

The way nature is valued in political and economic decisions is both a key driver of the global biodiversity crisis and a vital opportunity to address it, according to a four-year methodological assessment by 82 top scientists and experts from every region of the world. Approved last week, by representatives of the 139 member States […]

New blog written by EMB Young Ambassador Dr Alfredo García de Vinuesa

EMB Young Ambassador Dr Alfredo García de Vinuesa has written a blog on the importance of being empathetic when working with stakeholders: ‘Social skills in marine scientists: Empathy as a resource to work together with stakeholders’. Click here to read the blog. via EMB Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send […]

EMB Secretariat officially endorses the ‘Restore our Ocean & Waters’ Mission Charter

As support to the Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030’, the EMB Secretariat has officially endorsed the recently announced Mission Charter. Click here to endorse the Mission Charter and contribute by pledging actions to co-design, propose and implement policies, programmes, projects or initiatives that will contribute to the restoration of our Ocean and […]

Lisbon Declaration launches new chapter for Ocean action

The UN Ocean Conference ended on 1 July with more than 150 countries collectively agreeing to scale up science-based and innovative actions to address the Ocean emergency. This agreement, together with bold commitments from all sectors of society — youth, civil society, businesses and the scientific community — clearly demonstrates the centrality of a safe, […]

State of the ocean report 2022: pilot edition

On 1 July 2022 at the UN Ocean Conference, UNESCO launched a new flagship report entitled “State of the Ocean Report”, offering a brief, accessible, one-stop overview of the current state of the Ocean, and to mobilize global society to act, and monitor progress, towards global goals. This pilot edition of the State of the […]

Launch of ‘Restore our Ocean & Waters’ Mission Charter

The recently launched Mission Charter calls for joining efforts to achieve the three objectives of the Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030‘ to: Protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030; Prevent and eliminate pollution of our Ocean, seas and waters, in line with […]

‘Citizen science on a yacht – how you can help effect change?’

James Devoy wrote an article on conducting citizen science on a yacht and why it is something anyone taking on a passage can engage with. Read the full article here. The article refers to EMB’s Position Paper 23 on ‘Advancing Citizen Science for Seas and Ocean Research’. The full publication is available on the EMB […]

JPI Oceans calls for ideas for new Joint Actions

Do you want to inspire the international research agenda in the marine and maritime domain with your ideas for a new pan-European Joint Action? JPI Oceans now offers interested stakeholders the opportunity to bring new ideas to the attention of their member countries. To find out more, follow this link. via JPI Oceans Have any […]

SIOS Earth Observation and Remote Sensing User Requirement Survey

The User Requirement Survey has been formulated by the Remote Sensing Working group (RSWG) of the Svalbard Integrated Arctic Observing System (SIOS). This survey aims to collect information on Earth Observation and Remote Sensing based data, geospatial products, information, and training requirements by the diverse Svalbard science community. No specific background knowledge of Earth observation […]

EMB publishes Annual Report 2021

The EMB Annual Report presents a high level overview the governance and structure of the European Marine Board, and the activities and events that were undertaken by EMB and its members in the year 2021. It contains information on the decisions of the board regarding new marine foresight activities; active EMB working groups including their […]

EMB launches new Future Science Brief ‘Marine Science Communication in Europe: A way forward’

On 23 June 2022, the European Marine Board Communications Panel (EMBCP) launched the new Future Science Brief n°8 “Marine Science Communication in Europe: A way forward”. The document highlights the critical need to strengthen the marine science communication capacity in Europe, as well as develop dedicated training programs, engage in deeper and wider collaboration with […]

Scientists invited to sign in support of urgent action to protect oceans

Staff members from the Marine Conservation Institute and colleagues recently published a paper in Biological Conservation entitled, “Scientists’ warning of an imperiled ocean”. They invite scientists to sign in support of the paper to demonstrate widespread support for its message about the urgency of the threats our ocean faces. via BC  Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? […]

Survey on how cultural heritage integrated within MPA management

The Maritime Endangered Archaeology Project (MarEA) based at Southampton and Ulster Universities in the UK is currently exploring the extent to which cultural heritage management and protection is integrated within MPA management. Their aim is to help develop future strategies around how marine cultural heritage can be more actively integrated into existing nature protected areas such […]

SOCAT version 2022 for quantification of Ocean CO2 uptake

The Ocean absorbs a quarter of the global CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions from human activity. The community-led Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas is key for the quantification of ocean CO2 uptake and its variation, now and in the future. SOCAT version 2022 has quality-controlled in situ surface ocean fCO2 (fugacity of CO2) measurements made on ships, […]

New Report from Fair Seas: ‘Revitalising Our Seas’

Fair Seas has launched the report ‘Revitalising our Seas’ to accelerate the conversation around MPAs in Ireland. The report  shows how it would be possible to protect 36% of Ireland’s Ocean territory enabling the country to meet its 2030 European targets. This would help to protect, conserve and restore vulnerable and important species and habitats, […]

Ocean Decade unveils new set of endorsed Actions

UNESCO has announced the endorsement of 63 new endorsed Actions in the context of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 (the ‘Ocean Decade’). The announcement adds to global celebrations of the UN World Oceans Day themed this year around the theme ‘Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean’. More information on […]

Changes to OceanColor Data Web Portal

The Ocean Biology Processing Group would like to inform you of changes to our OceanColor Data web portal. We thought it would be beneficial for users to see all the data access options in one place, so we created a landing page at here which shows and describes the various search and download tools and access points. […]

Virtual Blue Career Centre

Virtual Blue Career Center (VBCC) is a digital platform designed to attract young people but also experienced workers to fill existing skill gaps by supporting activities that will increase awareness of the workforce and employability in key Blue Growth services. It promotes the blue economy as an opportunity for professional development and education for young […]

The Ocean Decade at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference

The Ocean Decade will be present and will play a key role in the 2022 UN Ocean Conference through important events and opportunities to bring together a diverse ocean community bent on unlocking the knowledge needed to deliver the vision of the Ocean We Want. A dedicated page has been launched for the occasion with upcoming […]

Report: Delivering a Sea – Change: A G7 Ocean Finance Deal

Report | Delivering a Sea – Change: A G7 Ocean Finance Deal Europe Jacques Delors, Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance The G7 Foreign Ministers’ Communiqué of 14 May states that the G7 is committed to mobilising resources, from all sources, to substantially increase funding in support of biodiversity by 2025, including increased funding for nature-based solutions with […]

OCEANS 2023: Training Survey

Fill in the survey to register your interests, so they can better fulfill your needs. The conference is not until September 2022, but your submitting your feedback as soon as possible is highly appreciated: OCEANS 2023 : Training Survey via OES  Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

Online Workshop on Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study in Southeast Asia Postponed to July/August 2022

Due to unexpected reasons, the workshop organising committee has decided to postpone the Online Workshop on Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study in Southeast Asia to July/August 2022. We sincerely regret having to make this decision and apologise for any inconvenience caused. The workshop is a key event on the SOLAS calendar, aiming to promote SOLAS science […]

Rewatch EMB’s 20th Third Thursday Science Webinar

This week, during EMB’s 20th Third Thursday Science webinar, Dr Pedro Ribeiro gave a talk on the topic of ‘Critical research needs for informing environmental management of deep-sea mining’. He discussed key knowledge needs including baseline oceanographic and ecological data, and shared rare footage from the seamounts and hydrothermal vents. You can rewatch the webinar via this […]

Subscribe to the brand-new “EMB Ocean Decade newsletter”

As an Implementing Partner, the European Marine Board (EMB) Secretariat has lauched a dedicated newsletter to provide updates on activities of the EMB Secretariat and EMB Members related to the Ocean Decade. If you would like to receive the EMB Ocean Decade newsletter (every 2 – 3 months) containing exclusive information on EMB’s Ocean Decade […]

The International Coral Reef Society (ICRS) Student & Early Career Chapter (SECC) Committee Application

The International Coral Reef Society Student and Early Career Chapter is recruiting new members for many of our subcommittees, including Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Education & Outreach, Social Media and Website Teams, and writers and translators for the Reefbites blog. We are also looking for early career professionals to spearhead our new Early Career Committee […]

How to engage with the Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” – 14 June 2022, France

The event will focus on the Horizon Europe Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” implementation and its planned actions to accelerate the transition to zero pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. In particular, this event will outline the co-creation process of the Mission Charter by discussing with stakeholders and youth how to get involved […]

The Ocean Plastic Webinars series – Apply to become part until 06 May 2022

The Ocean Plastic Webinars series is a space for scientists from different fields with an interest in the origin and fate of ocean plastics. Created in early 2020 by a team of 4 ECOPs from Africa, Asia and Europe; after 21 successful monthly webinars, 249 answered questions and over 10k views on youtube, the organising […]

Deep Pacific Podcast

In her own words, Kalani Reyes is “a loud Chamorro & proud Micronesian daughter of the Pacific.” Kalani was a Youth Delegate at the recent Our Ocean Conference in Palau, and her work as a millennial woman of science, sheds light upon long-standing social, economic, scientific, political, educational, and cultural circumstances affecting Pacific Islanders today. […]

Survey: Registration of practices in Black Sea literacy and education

The European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA) has launched a survey that will help them map and document the recent Ocean Literacy (OL) projects and activities in the Black Sea Basin (BSB) as part of implementation of Subtask 9.5.1 of WP9 in the H2020 project BRIDGE-BS, in which EMB is also partaking. Complete the survey […]