‘Citizen science on a yacht – how you can help effect change?’

James Devoy wrote an article on conducting citizen science on a yacht and why it is something anyone taking on a passage can engage with. Read the full article here. The article refers to EMB’s Position Paper 23 on ‘Advancing Citizen Science for Seas and Ocean Research’. The full publication is available on the EMB […]

JPI Oceans calls for ideas for new Joint Actions

Do you want to inspire the international research agenda in the marine and maritime domain with your ideas for a new pan-European Joint Action? JPI Oceans now offers interested stakeholders the opportunity to bring new ideas to the attention of their member countries. To find out more, follow this link. via JPI Oceans Have any […]

SIOS Earth Observation and Remote Sensing User Requirement Survey

The User Requirement Survey has been formulated by the Remote Sensing Working group (RSWG) of the Svalbard Integrated Arctic Observing System (SIOS). This survey aims to collect information on Earth Observation and Remote Sensing based data, geospatial products, information, and training requirements by the diverse Svalbard science community. No specific background knowledge of Earth observation […]

EMB publishes Annual Report 2021

The EMB Annual Report presents a high level overview the governance and structure of the European Marine Board, and the activities and events that were undertaken by EMB and its members in the year 2021. It contains information on the decisions of the board regarding new marine foresight activities; active EMB working groups including their […]

EMB launches new Future Science Brief ‘Marine Science Communication in Europe: A way forward’

On 23 June 2022, the European Marine Board Communications Panel (EMBCP) launched the new Future Science Brief n°8 “Marine Science Communication in Europe: A way forward”. The document highlights the critical need to strengthen the marine science communication capacity in Europe, as well as develop dedicated training programs, engage in deeper and wider collaboration with […]

Scientists invited to sign in support of urgent action to protect oceans

Staff members from the Marine Conservation Institute and colleagues recently published a paper in Biological Conservation entitled, “Scientists’ warning of an imperiled ocean”. They invite scientists to sign in support of the paper to demonstrate widespread support for its message about the urgency of the threats our ocean faces. via BC  Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? […]

Survey on how cultural heritage integrated within MPA management

The Maritime Endangered Archaeology Project (MarEA) based at Southampton and Ulster Universities in the UK is currently exploring the extent to which cultural heritage management and protection is integrated within MPA management. Their aim is to help develop future strategies around how marine cultural heritage can be more actively integrated into existing nature protected areas such […]

SOCAT version 2022 for quantification of Ocean CO2 uptake

The Ocean absorbs a quarter of the global CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions from human activity. The community-led Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas is key for the quantification of ocean CO2 uptake and its variation, now and in the future. SOCAT version 2022 has quality-controlled in situ surface ocean fCO2 (fugacity of CO2) measurements made on ships, […]

New Report from Fair Seas: ‘Revitalising Our Seas’

Fair Seas has launched the report ‘Revitalising our Seas’ to accelerate the conversation around MPAs in Ireland. The report  shows how it would be possible to protect 36% of Ireland’s Ocean territory enabling the country to meet its 2030 European targets. This would help to protect, conserve and restore vulnerable and important species and habitats, […]

Ocean Decade unveils new set of endorsed Actions

UNESCO has announced the endorsement of 63 new endorsed Actions in the context of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 (the ‘Ocean Decade’). The announcement adds to global celebrations of the UN World Oceans Day themed this year around the theme ‘Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean’. More information on […]

Changes to OceanColor Data Web Portal

The Ocean Biology Processing Group would like to inform you of changes to our OceanColor Data web portal. We thought it would be beneficial for users to see all the data access options in one place, so we created a landing page at here which shows and describes the various search and download tools and access points. […]

Virtual Blue Career Centre

Virtual Blue Career Center (VBCC) is a digital platform designed to attract young people but also experienced workers to fill existing skill gaps by supporting activities that will increase awareness of the workforce and employability in key Blue Growth services. It promotes the blue economy as an opportunity for professional development and education for young […]

The Ocean Decade at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference

The Ocean Decade will be present and will play a key role in the 2022 UN Ocean Conference through important events and opportunities to bring together a diverse ocean community bent on unlocking the knowledge needed to deliver the vision of the Ocean We Want. A dedicated page has been launched for the occasion with upcoming […]

Report: Delivering a Sea – Change: A G7 Ocean Finance Deal

Report | Delivering a Sea – Change: A G7 Ocean Finance Deal Europe Jacques Delors, Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance The G7 Foreign Ministers’ Communiqué of 14 May states that the G7 is committed to mobilising resources, from all sources, to substantially increase funding in support of biodiversity by 2025, including increased funding for nature-based solutions with […]

OCEANS 2023: Training Survey

Fill in the survey to register your interests, so they can better fulfill your needs. The conference is not until September 2022, but your submitting your feedback as soon as possible is highly appreciated: OCEANS 2023 : Training Survey via OES  Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

Online Workshop on Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study in Southeast Asia Postponed to July/August 2022

Due to unexpected reasons, the workshop organising committee has decided to postpone the Online Workshop on Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study in Southeast Asia to July/August 2022. We sincerely regret having to make this decision and apologise for any inconvenience caused. The workshop is a key event on the SOLAS calendar, aiming to promote SOLAS science […]

Rewatch EMB’s 20th Third Thursday Science Webinar

This week, during EMB’s 20th Third Thursday Science webinar, Dr Pedro Ribeiro gave a talk on the topic of ‘Critical research needs for informing environmental management of deep-sea mining’. He discussed key knowledge needs including baseline oceanographic and ecological data, and shared rare footage from the seamounts and hydrothermal vents. You can rewatch the webinar via this […]

Subscribe to the brand-new “EMB Ocean Decade newsletter”

As an Implementing Partner, the European Marine Board (EMB) Secretariat has lauched a dedicated newsletter to provide updates on activities of the EMB Secretariat and EMB Members related to the Ocean Decade. If you would like to receive the EMB Ocean Decade newsletter (every 2 – 3 months) containing exclusive information on EMB’s Ocean Decade […]

The International Coral Reef Society (ICRS) Student & Early Career Chapter (SECC) Committee Application

The International Coral Reef Society Student and Early Career Chapter is recruiting new members for many of our subcommittees, including Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Education & Outreach, Social Media and Website Teams, and writers and translators for the Reefbites blog. We are also looking for early career professionals to spearhead our new Early Career Committee […]

How to engage with the Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” – 14 June 2022, France

The event will focus on the Horizon Europe Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” implementation and its planned actions to accelerate the transition to zero pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. In particular, this event will outline the co-creation process of the Mission Charter by discussing with stakeholders and youth how to get involved […]

The Ocean Plastic Webinars series – Apply to become part until 06 May 2022

The Ocean Plastic Webinars series is a space for scientists from different fields with an interest in the origin and fate of ocean plastics. Created in early 2020 by a team of 4 ECOPs from Africa, Asia and Europe; after 21 successful monthly webinars, 249 answered questions and over 10k views on youtube, the organising […]

Deep Pacific Podcast

In her own words, Kalani Reyes is “a loud Chamorro & proud Micronesian daughter of the Pacific.” Kalani was a Youth Delegate at the recent Our Ocean Conference in Palau, and her work as a millennial woman of science, sheds light upon long-standing social, economic, scientific, political, educational, and cultural circumstances affecting Pacific Islanders today. […]

Survey: Registration of practices in Black Sea literacy and education

The European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA) has launched a survey that will help them map and document the recent Ocean Literacy (OL) projects and activities in the Black Sea Basin (BSB) as part of implementation of Subtask 9.5.1 of WP9 in the H2020 project BRIDGE-BS, in which EMB is also partaking. Complete the survey […]

Launch of Policy Brief N°10 on Marine Geohazards in Europe

During the Spring Plenary meeting of 2022, the EMB Secretariat launched Policy Brief N°10 on the topic ‘Uncovering the hidden threat of Marine Geohazards in Europe‘. This Policy Brief raises awareness about dormant geological risks in European coastal regions, and makes recommendations for future research and policy. It summarises the main messages and recommendations from […]

Free online Course: An Introduction to Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation

25 years ago IMO developed four training courses to address various aspects of oil spill response planning, preparedness and management. These are known as the OPRC Model Courses and have been completed by many individuals around the world who are responsible for the oversight and management of an effective response to a marine oil spills. […]

Toolkit for including marine mammals in MPA management plans

Marine mammals are often underrepresented in Marine Protected Area (MPA) management plans, commonly as a result of low capacity, lack of resources and/or lack of knowledge to implement such plans. The EU-funded Ocean Governance Project has designed and created a toolkit Marine Mammal Twinning for the inclusion of marine mammals into MPA management plans. The toolkit contains three core […]

European Maritime Transport Environmental Report 2021

This report, created in joint efforts by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), provides a factual analysis of the environmental pressures exerted by the maritime transport sector, presents up-to-date information on the relevant EU and international environmental standards and describes current and future actions to reduce the sector’s impact […]

EMB’s 8th Forum Proceedings have been published

The 8th EMB Forum was a hybrid event which took place in person at BluePoint Brussels and online on 1 December 2021. The topic was “Supporting the Ocean Decade in Europe” and the aim of the Forum was to facilitate discussion between relevant European Ocean Decade stakeholders, including the science community and policy makers. We […]

Do you know of any serious games for coastal and marine conservation, management, and adaptation?

So-called “serious games” are designed for purposes beyond just entertainment, and they can be a powerful tool for teaching, engaging stakeholders, conducting research, and evaluating public policy. In January 2020, OCTO’s The Skimmer newsletter compiled information about role-playing/simulation games that allow players to experiment with coastal and marine conservation, management, and adaptation actions (or inaction) […]

Looking for examples of consumption of marine invasive species (other than lionfish)

Documentary filmmaker Lindsay Blatt of Archerfish Productions is developing a global documentary series about invasive species and food. She is looking to meet scientists, chefs, entrepreneurs, and activists on the ground managing the destruction by non-native plants and animals in a variety of ecosystems. She has contacts for the harvest of invasive lionfish and is looking for […]

SOLAS Endorsed Project Highlight: Surface Ocean CO₂ Atlas

The Surface Ocean CO₂ Atlas (SOCAT) is a synthesis activity for quality-controlled, surface ocean fCO₂ (fugacity of carbon dioxide) observations by the international marine carbon research community (>100 contributors). The SOCAT data is publicly available, discoverable and citable. SOCAT has been  endorsed by SOLAS since April 2007. The ocean absorbs a quarter of the global CO₂ emissions from […]

Call for Bids to Host 3rd IMBeR Open Science Conference in 2024

IMBeR (Integrated Marine Biosphere Research) is seeking a host for its next Open Science Conference – Future Oceans3 – which will be held in 2024. The five-day conference will be preceded by two days of workshops and will provide a focus for the integration and synthesis of IMBeR research activities with the goal of providing […]

Photo contest for Mediterranean ports and harbors – Deadline 01 May 2022

Take a photo that reflects the impact your local port/harbor (commercial ports, leisure marinas, fishing harbors, etc.) has on its coastal and marine environment – be it positive or negative – or solutions implemented by your port/harbor that helps protect the coastal and marine environment. Upload your photo on Instagram with #MakeMedPortsBlue or send it by email to makemedportsblue@eu4ocean-coalition.eu. Your work will […]

Survey on marine renewable energy development and potential environment effects in tropics/Southern Hemisphere countries – Deadline April 30 2022

OES-Environmental invites you to participate in a short, online survey on marine renewable energy development in tropical and Southern Hemisphere countries, and its potential environmental effects. The survey is available in both English and Spanish (see links below). We are looking for information on any ongoing or emerging marine renewable energy projects in these regions; research, […]

2022 Blue Park Award nominees announced, comments wanted!

Marine Conservation Institute is pleased to announce four nominees for the 2022 Blue Park Awards: Karimunjawa National Park, Indonesia; Old Providence McBean Lagoon Natural National Park, Colombia; Apo Reef Natural Park, The Philippines; and Raja Ampat Islands Marine Conservation Area, Indonesia. You can read the draft evaluation reports for each nominee on the Blue Parks website and provide […]

Eurofleets+ Dissemination Toolbox for Young Researchers: A ‘How-to-Guide’ on effectively communicating your research.

EUROFLEETS+  is an H2020 project funded under the Infrastructures initiative that brings together a significant group of key marine research actors (in particular research vessel operators) in Europe, North America and Oceania. The project includes training, research and a variety of ocean literacy resources. NANO highlights here the Dissemitation Toolbox for Young Researchers: A How-to-Guide on […]

New Publication on ‘Engaging blue fishing ports in marine spatial planning: key findings of regional workshops’

#PUBLICATION This joint @IocUnesco and @FAO  report is the result of a series of regional workshops  Connecting #MSProadmap and #BluePorts initiatives towards the alignment of the different scales of planning #MSP #BlueEconomy Free download here via UNESCO Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

Virtual Aquarium brings Deep-Sea to the Surface

The World Ocean Observatory (W2O) and Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) launched the World Ocean Explorer DEEP SEA exhibit, creating a first-of-its-kind immersive virtual aquarium showcasing deep-sea discoveries. THE DEEP SEA is an educational, interactive online platform for Ocean exploration and discovery, utilizing high-resolution video, models, and descriptive materials of newly discovered deep-sea Ocean species and […]

Teaching resource on Equality and Diversity in the Life Sciences

The co-chairs of the School of Life Sciences have developed a teaching resource on Equality and Diversity in the Life Sciences for the students. The trio worked with six student interns to develop authentic scenarios and role model videos and deliver problem-based learning tutorials in a resource that will be shared via a new E&D […]

WoRMS press release: Ten remarkable new marine species from 2021

The World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) has released its annual list of the top-ten marine species described by researchers during the past year to coincide with World Taxonomist Appreciation Day on March 19th. Click here to find out more. via WoRMS Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

Filming Callout: My Planet Now

Sandpaper Films, together with award-winning filmmaker Henry Singer, is making a landmark feature documentary that seeks to foster a sense of global community and encourage action on the climate crisis, and they need your help. The documentary ‘My Planet Now” will tell the global story of the changing climate in a uniquely human way by […]

Summary report of the Global Online Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholders were invited to submit additional inputs to the concept papers of the interactive dialogues of the 2022 UN Ocean Conference. The inputs provided the latest COVID-related data and analysis in the status and trends, challenges and opportunities, possible areas of new partnerships as well as recommendations on advancing implementation of SDG 14. The report is […]

New Copernicus Marine Service web portal makes Ocean science accessible to all

Why is the Ocean important? How is it monitored? What current policies are in place to help safeguard it? The Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS) has developed a set of ‘Ocean Explainers’ to answer these questions and many more on their website. The set of engaging web pages includes explanations as well as illustrations and trends, bringing information […]

Second ECOP Asia Survey

The ECOP Asian regional node is very pleased to share and launch our 2nd ECOP Asia Survey. We would highly appreciate your participation in that survey, which will help us to further our understanding of the diverse needs and priorities of ECOPs in Asia. It should take between 5-10 min to complete. Make sure to […]

Material available from the 1st PORTWIMS Summer School at German High Sea Island Heligoland on Marine phytoplankton diversity observations: innovative methods and industrial applications

The coastal summer school 2019 was held from 28 June to 8 July 2019 to provide an interdisciplinary overview from topics related to the marine plankton diversity and methods of observation. The coastal summer school took place on Helgoland, a red sandstone rock of Helgoland which is a hotspot of biodiversity and Germany’s most offshore […]

UKRI report outlines key priorities for climate change adaptation

The report summarises the findings of an international events series hosted by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) last year in the run up to the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow. The COP26 ‘adaptation and resilience events series’ showcased collaborative, locally-led, and globally relevant research aligned to the UK COP26 presidency’s adaptation loss and damage […]

Join the new Ocean Decade Expert Roster

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 has launched a call for experts to join a new roster to assist the Decade Coordination Unit and IOC-UNESCO Secretariat with strategic, technical and review processes. To find out more, click here. via IOC Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send […]

IPCC released its latest Climate Report

The Working Group II contribution to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report assesses the impacts of climate change, looking at ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities at global and regional levels. It also reviews vulnerabilities and the capacities and limits of the natural world and human societies to adapt to climate change. To download the report, click […]

‘Fair Seas’ campaign calls for 15X increase in Ireland’s MPAs

A new campaign ‘Fair Seas’ is calling for at least 10% of Irish waters to be designated as ‘Fully Protected’ by 2025 and at least 30% by 2030. The campaign is urgently asking the Irish government to create robust and ambitious legislation so that Ireland’s waters can be effectively protected, managed, and monitored to the […]

Virtual press conference to present the IPCC Report Summary for Policymakers – 28 February 2022

✍️ 270 scientists 📚Over 34,000 publications assessed ✍️ 62,418 review comments Don’t miss the launch of the next IPCC #ClimateReport – Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation & Vulnerability. Scheduled for release on 28 Feb 2022. ➡️ More information here. via IPCC Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

OCTO survey on ocean management and conservation challenges

OCTO is currently surveying members of MPA Help’s sister list EBM Help about the ocean management and conservation challenges they face. We invite MPA Help members to also participate in this survey and submit questions about the ocean conservation and management challenges (MPA-related or non-MPA-related) they are facing. These questions will be sent out to the EBM Help […]

A Roadmap for Increased Investment in Ocean Science in Marine World Heritage Site

UNESCO calls upon the international community to drastically step up investment across marine World Heritage sites in an effort to co-design and co-deliver the science we need for the ocean we want. By developing this roadmap within the framework of the United Nations Ocean Decade, we have the chance to generate and harness the critical […]

The survey Diverse voices in climate science is looking for contributions from climate scientists, especially from the global south

Diverse voices in climate science Carbon Brief is a UK-based climate journalism and analysis website: www.carbonbrief.org We want to increase the diversity of scientists quoted in our work – and are particularly keen to hear from climate scientists from the global south. If you are a climate science researcher from the global south, we welcome […]

Sign up for notifications of NOAA Science Seminars

The NOAA Science Seminar Series is a voluntary effort by over 70 NOAA seminar coordinators to integrate and distribute a list of NOAA-hosted, publicly accessible NOAA-related science seminars, which often include non-NOAA science speakers. For questions about the NOAA Science Seminar Series, or to join the weekly email list of upcoming webinars, contact Hernan Garcia, Lori Brown, or […]

GLUBS: Global Library of Underwater Biological Sounds

The IQOE Working Group on Acoustic Measurement of Ocean Biodiversity Hotspots and other colleagues have published an article calling for a Global Library of Underwater Biological Sounds (GLUBS) (see the link). via IQOE Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

Call for two new Young Ambassadors is open until 27 February

EMB is looking for two enthusiastic, engaged and creative Young Ambassadors that are willing to play an important role in advocating for EMB and promoting the societal and political relevance of the marine natural sciences, marine social sciences, humanities, and the Ocean, within their own communities, and to a wide diversity of stakeholders. The two […]

SOLAS Open Science Conference 2022 — Community Survey – deadline 18 Feb 2022

SOLAS Open Science Conference 2022 — Community Survey The SOLAS Open Science Conference (OSC) 2022 is being planned in a hybrid format (a mixture of online and in-person events) in Cape Town, South Africa, 25-29 September 2022. We are kindly seeking community input on the conference format.   Please fill in the survey by 18 February 2022: https://www.wjx.cn/vj/wTtkgzo.aspx We really appreciate […]

Call for Metada Submission: IQOE Hydrophone Database

IQOE has been compiling metadata about hydrophone deployments for the past two years. This database includes records for about 600 current and past hydrophone deployments. A map as of 8 August 2021 is given here. I am in the process of updating this static map. The static maps on a specific date do not present […]

ECOP Africa Survey – Deadline 18 February 2022

Early Career Ocean Professionals programme (ECOPs) is one of the endorsed action programs for the UN Decade of Ocean Science, to support early career ocean actors in ocean conservation. Early Career Ocean Professionals Programme – African Regional Node (ECOP-Africa) is conducting a survey (10-15 minutes) on the inventory of ECOPs in Africa, and to understand […]

Marine Imaging Workshop 2022 – 3-7 October 2022, Brest, France and Online

Marine imaging with cameras is a major method in the science, policy and public understanding of the world’s Oceans. The topic is developing rapidly, driven by the technological evolution and increasing application of marine imaging in all Oceans. The international Marine Imaging Workshops assemble around 100 scientists and engineers from different disciplines to push the […]

One Ocean – One planet : Ocean Literacy Action 2022 – 9-10 May 2022, Malmö, Sweden

Hosted by the City of Malmö together with the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, the Ocean Literacy Action Conference is a part of the Swedish contribution to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030. The conference targets individuals and organizations from all sectors that recognizes the importance of achieving […]

4th ECRA General Assembly – 8-9 March 2022, Brussels, Belgium

For the 4th time, the European Climate Research Alliance will host an ECRA General Assembly in Brussels. The organizers decided to plan for this meeting as an in-person meeting to have direct exchange, after a long time of only-online meetings. To find out more, click here. The registration is open until 3 March 2022. via […]

Networking Event: Calls under EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change – 18 February 2022, Online

In following up of the recent EU Missions info days that launched the mission implementation phase, the European Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) on Climate, with roots in more than 20 countries, is organizing a European networking event for the actors interested in the Horizon Europe 2021 calls of the Climate Change Adaptation Mission. The event, […]

Webinar: Verra Standards for Sustainability, Resilience, and Carbon (including Blue carbon, Coastal Resilience, and Plastic Waste Reduction) – 16 March 2022, online

Presented by: Sinclair Vincent, Anna Mortimer, and Kristen Linscott of Verra Description: Verra is a nonprofit organization that develops and provides standards that drive investment toward high-impact activities addressing environmental and social challenges across the globe. The rigorous process to meet Verra’s standards include independent verification and issuance of claims and credits. Verra’s standards are […]

Webinar: New tool for assessing the environmental impacts of wave energy projects – 01 March 2022, online

Presented by: Ibon Galparsoro of AZTI Description: Marine renewable energies are gaining momentum around the world due to the need to develop safe energy sources that can help the world decarbonize and fight climate change. However, the full potential of energy from waves, currents and wind has yet to be tapped – in part due […]

Webinar: Marine Biodiversity Monitoring in in the Indo-West Pacific Region – 11 February 2022, online

Description On February 11th, 2022, 1-2 PM UTC we will have Masahiro Nakaoka, professor at Hokkaido University and the director of Akkeshi Marine Station, Field Science Centre for Northern Biosphere (Hokkaido University) and Aileen Tan Shau Hwai professor in the School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Director of the Centre for Marine […]

Webinar: Nainoa Thompson Joins Dive In With Liz And Sylvia – 10 February 2022, online

Description Nainoa Thompson is a Native Hawaiian navigator and the president of the Polynesian Voyaging Society. He is best known as the first Hawaiian to practice the ancient Polynesian art of navigation since the 14th century, having navigated several double-hulled canoes (Hōkūleʻa, Hawaiʻiloa, and Hikianalia) from Hawaiʻi to other island nations in Polynesia without the […]

GlobalHAB symposium on automated in situ observations of plankton – 22-26 August 2022, Fiskebäckskil, Sweden

The aim of the symposium is to bring together experts on, and users of, automated in situ imaging systems to present methods, recent results and to share experiences on analysing plankton, as well as comparing the results. Young scientists are particularly encouraged to attend the symposium and a special follow-on workshop for young scientists on […]

Symposium on Advances in Ocean Observation and call for ESR* – 4-7 Juli 2022, Azores, Portugal and Online

The Azores Symposium on Advances in Ocean Observation is an in-person retreat-like event which brings together thought leaders from the US and Europe in Physical and Biological Oceanography along with technologists in autonomous systems, AI and Machine Learning to work through novel and interdisciplinary concepts for upper water-column exploration. The concept is to flush out […]

EU4Ocean for Ocean Literacy Summit – 19-21 May 2022, Online

After more than 2 years, the EU4Ocean Coalition – an initiative on Ocean literacy of the European Commission – is rewarding and celebrating the efforts of its members and their most outstanding initiatives to date, and is looking forward to the future! The Summit, supported by the UNESCO as one of the Ocean Decade Actions, […]

HELCOM Stakeholder Conference 2022 – 9-10 March 2022, Online

The effects of climate change are already evident in the Baltic Sea. However, they are often not easy to understand and can be difficult to distinguish from other anthropogenic pressures. Centred around the theme of climate change in the Baltic Sea, the HELCOM Stakeholder Conference 2022 is part of  the effort to disseminate knowledge on […]

Copernicus Marine Service phase #2 – Kick off – 17-18 February 2022, Online

Following the Copernicus Horizon 2035 symposium, the kick-off of phase 2 of the Copernicus Marine Service, on 17 and 18 February, will be an opportunity to officially mark the continuation of the service. This event will gather Copernicus Marine communities such as partners and downstream users and showcase the road map for the upcoming seven […]

“Pitching & Award Live Event” of the Blue-Cloud Hackathon – 9 February 2022, Online

During the Blue-Cloud Hackathon, the “Pitching & Award (Virtual) Live Event” of the Blue-Cloud Hackathon will introduce the finalist Teams of the hackathon. During the event, short video-pitches of the ideas evolved by each Team will be broadcasted. The Blue-Cloud Hackathon Judges will have the opportunity of interacting with these Teams during a Q&A session, before deciding […]

Launch of the Odyssey Project – 8 February 2022, Brest, France and Online

The launch event of the Odyssey Project is organized in the framework of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and it is a side-event of the upcoming One Ocean Summit that will be held in Brest, from 9 to 11 February. The Odyssey Project, endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade in […]

Online training course : Ocean Data Management – 28 March – 06 May 2022

This online, self-paced training course, organized by VLIZ and IODE/IOC, provides a comprehensive introduction to the management of marine data, including the guiding principles of data management and typical responsibilities for data managers, data stewards and scientists. This course is developed by, and for, marine data managers, data stewards and researchers, working in institutions responsible […]

Youth4Ocean – Call for projects in the Danube region – Deadline 28 February 2022

The #Youth4Ocean Forum is launching a new call for project proposals, designed to promote the ideas of young change-makers! All across Europe, they are looking for young people who have developed or would like to develop a project to protect the Danube and the Black Sea, and who are keen to become ‘Young Ocean Advocates’. […]

EMB Third Thursday Science Webinar – 17 February 2022, Online

On Thursday 17 February 2022, EMB will host its 17th Third Thursday Science webinar on the topic of ‘Ocean and Human Heath: A deeper look into how coastal environments benefit human health and well-being’. The webinar will build on the science presented in EMB’s Policy Brief No. 8 on ‘Policy Needs for Oceans and Human Health’, and will include presentations […]

Meeting INFO: Getting Involved in Marine Life 2030 – Social, Political, and Transdisciplinary Sciences – 02 February 2022

The Ocean Knowledge Action Network and Marine Life 2030 would like to invite you to a 50-minute discussion about Marine Life 2030, its goals and principles, and ways that social, political, and transdisciplinary science researchers can get involved. The discussion will feature Frank Muller-Karger (Marine Life 2030) and Linwood Pendleton (Ocean KAN). Bring your ideas and questions. For more information […]

BlueInvest Day 2022 – 28 March 2022, Brussels, Belgium and Online

BlueInvest Day 2022 will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and enablers in the Blue Economy. This year’s edition will be a hybrid format, taking place at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium and online. Live streaming and live chat will be available on the platform. For more information and registration, click here. […]

“The Cold is Getting Hot!” Scientific Symposium: From Arctic to Antarctic – 24-25 February 2022, Monaco and Online

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, and International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) in collaboration with the Oceaographic Institute present ‘The Cold is Getting Hot!’ Environmental change in the Arctic and Antarctic is accelerating, affecting both local biophysical and living things and affecting the broader climate, human and ecological systems […]

Copernicus Marine Service 2021-2028 – 17-18 February 2022, Online

Following the Copernicus Horizon 2035 symposium, this event will be the kick-off of phase 2 of the Copernicus Marine Service, which will be an opportunity to officially mark the continuation of the service. This event will gather Copernicus Marine communities such as partners and downstream users and showcase the road map for the upcoming seven […]

International Ocean Data Conference 2022 – 14 – 16 February 2022, Sopot, Poland and Online

In contribution to the Ocean Decade, IODE will develop the Ocean Data and Information System (ODIS). This “digital ecosystem” will catalyse cooperation between data generators, repositories, and users from diverse stakeholder groups. The main objectives of this Conference will be (1) to consider regional and global strategies and policy needed to achieve the digital ecosystem; […]

One Ocean Summit – 9-11 February 2022, Brest, France and Online

The Ocean covers more than 70% of the surface of our planet, yet it too often remains on the sidelines of major international and European agendas. To mobilise the international community and take concrete action to reduce these adverse effects on the ocean, the President of the French Republic has decided to organise a One […]

Mining Impact : Stakeholder Event and Final Project Meeting – 1-2 February 2022, Online

This is the final meeting of the 2nd project phase of MiningImpact, which involves 29 scientific partners from 9 European countries and the ISA, funded through JPI Oceans. MiningImpact 2 focuses on assessing the environmental impacts and risks associated with future deep-sea mining activities of polymetallic nodules. The core of the project are two sea-going […]

Webinar: Marine Connectivity Conservation “Rules of Thumb” for MPA and MPA Network Design – 08 February 2022

Presented by: Barbara Lausche of Mote Marine Laboratory and the IUCN-WCPA Marine Connectivity Working Group and Mary Collins of the Center for Large Landscape Conservation Date/Time: Tuesday, February 8, 1 pm US EST/10 am US PST/6 pm UTC Description: Ecological connectivity of marine and coastal ecosystems is essential to linking our oceans’ critical habitats, species, and natural processes. […]

Call for Abstracts: 12th EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy – Deadline 14 February 2022

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to our special session Towards inland and coastal water monitoring using hyperspectral data at the 12th EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy in Potsdam. This session aims to present and discuss the state-of-the-art and perspectives of the use of hyperspectral spaceborne or airborne platforms for inland and coastal water […]

Webinar: Bat and bird interactions with offshore wind (February 8) + two research briefs on underwater noise effects and other risks to marine life from offshore wind – 08 February 2022

The U.S. Offshore Wind Synthesis of Environmental Effects Research (SEER) project is a multi-year collaborative effort designed to facilitate knowledge transfer for offshore wind environmental research around the world. Through significant stakeholder outreach and engagement efforts, the SEER team identified a set of research topics pertinent to offshore wind development on the U.S. Atlantic and […]

Rewatch the recording of the EU Mission Info Days

The EU Mission Info days provided information to potential applicants about the new topics included in the EU Missions work programme 2021 – 2022. A recording of this event is available via this link. via EU Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

EU Commission asks for feedback on ‘Setting the course for a sustainable blue planet, an update of the international ocean governance agenda’ – 15 February 2022

In the initiative ‘Setting the course of a sustainable blue planet, and update of the international ocean governance agenda’, the EU aims to boost transformative action to achieve effective and integrated ocean governance built on strong partnerships, international cooperation and multilateral dialogues. EU action should therefore be updated to enhance its impact and internal and external visibility. For […]

SEArica Conference on the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR): Focus on Blue Growth – 4 February 2022, Online

The EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) is one of the four EU macro-regional strategies. The Strategy was jointly developed by the Commission and the Adriatic-Ionian Region countries and stakeholders, which agreed to work together on the areas of common interest for the benefit of each country and the whole region. The […]

Black Sea Connect Innovation Workshop – 2 February 2022, Online

The Black Sea CONNECT Innovation Workshop will take place virtually to showcase the best practices of marine clusters initiatives to the eventual formation of a marine and maritime cluster of the Black Sea. The event will be kick-started with high-level representatives from European Commission and continue with the presentation of the overall objectives of the workshop and testimony of […]

GO2NE Webinar Series No. 10 – 26 January 2022, Online

Join the Global Ocean Oxygen Network (IOC Expert Working Group GO2NE) for a new session of its webinar series on ocean deoxygenation. The 10th webinar will take place 26 January 2022. The webinar will feature presentations by Prof. Laura Bristow and Dr. Niels van Helmond, followed by a moderated discussion sessions. Register for this webinar here. via IOC Have any […]

Open for application : Arctic science summer courses at Svalbard University Centre – Deadline 15 February 2022

Seven Arctic science courses, running in the coming summer in Svalbard, are now open for application. For information about the courses and how to apply, click here. You can apply until 15 February 2022. via UNIS Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org

Call for contributions to update the concept papers and co-Chairs proposals for the 2022 UN Ocean Conference – Deadline 15 February 2022

As the Secretariat of the 2022 UN Ocean Conference has resumed the preparation of the concept papers on the themes of the eight interactive dialogues, the Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs Liu Zhenmin would like to invite another round of contributions from Member States to update the concept papers with the latest COVID-related data […]

Mercator Ocean International issued a call for tenders – Deadline 18 March 2022

This call for tenders, by Mercator Ocean International, is aimed to carry out a series of scientific studies to improve the offer of the Copernicus Marine Service. To see the description of the offer on the Official Journal of the EU, please click here. Mercator Ocean International is opening the call until 18 March 2022. More information […]

Empowering Biodiversity Research conference II – 24 – 25 May 2022

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform is happy to invite you to the Empowering Biodiversity Research conference, EBR II, taking place 24-25 May 2022 at the AfricaMuseum in Tervuren. Get your tickets now We will take you on a journey into the world of biodiversity data standards and tools and will inform you on the latest developments in the world […]

Healthy Oceans Tech and Finance Forum – 26 – 28 January 2022

The ADB Healthy Oceans Tech and Finance Forum, to be held on 26-28 January 2022, aims to promote and share innovative technologies, good practices, case studies, and practical solutions to protect and enhance the health and resilience of ocean ecosystems and coastal communities in the region. The three-day forum will cover 4 thematic tracks: (1) […]

UTC2022: Subsea leading the way in the energy transition – 14 – 16 June 2022, Norway, Bergen

The overall goal of the Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) is to be the most relevant meeting arena where new contacts are created, contracts are signed, knowledge is shared, and important relations and network cultivated. This year’s conference theme is “Subsea leading the way in the energy transition”. UTC aims to ensure our relevance in the new energy […]

How can we, marine social scientists, become more relevant? – 19 January 2022

The Ocean Frontier Institute and the Social Sciences and Humanities working group present the People and The Ocean Speaker Series. In this webinar, Dr. Marloes Kraan (Environmental Policy Group & Wageningen Economic Research at Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands) addresses the question: How can we (marine social scientists), as soon as possible, become as relevant as […]

Workshop: Engaging Early Career Ocean Professionals in the UN Ocean Decade – 19 January 2022

This workshop, organized by the UK government, IOC-UNESCO and ECOP Programme, invites to learn more about global Ocean activities and involvement opportunities. For more information and registration, click here. via IOC Have any news or opportunity in ocean sciences to share? Send it to info_at_nf-pogo-alumni.org