Public ocean literacy remains an unresolved issue in many countries, especially in developing countries. To address this issue, NANO has developed an outreach project.

NANO encourages its alumni to contribute to raising awareness and sharing their oceanographic knowledge with the public. Everyone is welcome to make a contribution and together we can make a difference in the world!

Learn how you can contribute

Educational Resources

Here we are listing a series of digital educational resources you might find useful to teach, communicate and promote ocean sciences. Links for educational portals and teaching material available on the internet together with educational material (lectures as videos or slide presentations, posters, websites, etc) produced by our alumni are classified by research theme and by age group.

Visit the Educational Resources Catalogue here.

NANO grants for Outreach Activities

NANO Outreach provides funding for small projects led by alumni members aiming to implement outreach activities in their countries.

See the successful outreach activities organized by the alumni to get inspiration for your own Outreach Project!

NANO Outreach team

Monika Orchowska, Lailah Gifty Akita, Joeline Ezequiel, Lilian Krug, Priscila Lange, Anna Rumyantseva, Olga Shatova, Kanthi Yapa, Mara Braverman, Victoria Cheung, Sophie Seeyave

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