Dr. Christo Rautenbach

Dr Rautenbach has a broad background in the Mathematical sciences. His studies include Mathematics, Physics, Applied mathematics, Process- and Coastal Engineering. He has experience in all of these fields and has particular interests in multiphase flow modelling, digital image processing and experimental research. Currently he is working in the Coastal engineering group at PRDW. Dr Rautenbach’s daily responsibilities vary from project management to applied research. His main field of study is the Numerical modelling of coastal abiotic processes but extends to all related applied mathematical endeavours. Dr Rautenbach’s personal interest is in coastal sediment transport, morphological numerical modelling and coastal vulnerability studies related to climate change. He also, supervises students in collaboration with various universities. Along with his academic endeavours they also do contract work for various clients and usually produce a comprehensive report as a result of their research and numerical modelling.

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