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  • From the Editorial Board
  • An overview of POGO and NF–POGO activities in Latin America
  • NF-POGO CofE-AWI Regional Training Programme in Mexico
  • Phytoplankton Bio-Optical Variability: Application to the Study of Coastal
  • NF-POGO CofE Meet the new Pogonians
  • Empowerment of women, a Kerala perspective
  • NANO Regional Research Projects reports
  • NANO Outreach
  • Phenology indices and their importance for coral reef biology: A web-based lesson on ocean-colour
    observations in the Red Sea
  • The first AWI-SAHFOS Summer School on time series, their analysis and socio-economic importance
  • Report on the Joint AWI-SAHFOS Summer School
  • NANO Profile – Q&A: Dr. Eduardo Santamaría-del-Angel
  • Research Communications ? by NF?POGO Alumni
  • Meeting announcements