NANO Outreach Activity #5

Series of lectures on Marine Sciences

Alumnus responsible: Nandini Menon

Project leader: Nandini Menon
Institute: Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS)
Country: India
Date: TBD
Target public: Graduate (MSc level) students and general public

Activities engaged

  • Series of lectures of 2 hours duration (total 8 lectures) in English to Masters students on Marine Pollution and Marine Biodiversity
  • One lecture in local language (Malayalam) to general public on Marine pollution, abatement and need for marine conservation.
  • 4 months project work to students – collect ballast water from oil tankers coming to the Oil Tanker jetty of Cochin backwaters, identification of alien phyto and zooplankton species from the sample.
  • Study of the developments in the design of oil tankers to minimise the extent of pollution.

Final Report



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