Educational Material Catalogue #14

Perspective of marine debris: Marine education in Ghana

Author: Lailah Gifty Akita

Language: English

Format: PDF

Update: 28 Sep 2015

NANO Research Themes: Coastal Ecosystems; Ecosystem Health; Environmental Management

Ghana lies between longitudes 3° 15’ W and 1° 12’ E, and latitude 4° 44’and 11° 15’ N. The country is located in West Africa. Ghana is bordered on the East by the Republic of Togo, the West by Cote d’Ivoire, the North by Burkina Faso and the South by the Gulf of Guinea. Ghana is richly endowed with diverse natural resources. The marine and coastal resources (e.g., lagoons, marshes, estuary, mangroves etc) of Ghana are exploited (fishery, industry, tourism, aesthetic, historical, cultural and educational) to meet the growing demands of the population. Increasing human activities such as urbanisation, infrastructure development, industrialization and transportation exert pressure and steadily degrade the components of these fragile ecosystems.

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