RADMED route

During RADMED cruises some fixed stations located all around Spanish Mediterranean coast are sampled following the same metodology since 1992 in some stations like those located in the westernmost part of Alboran Sea. At each station, a CTD cast is taken as well as water samples to determine : pH, Alkalinity, Chlorophyll  and nutrients concentration, phytoplankton (micro, pico and nanoplankton) and zooplankton,

The main objective is to obtain climatological values, variability ranges and the detection of possible trends of the different variables sampled.

The cruise starts in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and visits ca. 110 stations depending on sea condition.

R/V Angeles Alvariño (IEO-Spain)

Extracted from Ocean Training Partnership 


NF-POGO Fellows

2018 – Ayman Jghab (Africa)

2019 – Laurencia Guzman (Latin America)