RADPROF is a ship-based hydrographic monitoring section located in the northwest Iberia basin. The expedition sails from Cape Finisterre to 15.4o W, and, since 2014, includes a systematic sampling for inorganic carbon variables.

The RADPROF cruise focuses on the Finisterre summertime section, and is conducted on regular basis once a year since 2012, thus allowing a comprehension of water masses seasonality and interannual variability in the region and explaining their relationship with regional and large-scale dynamics. RADPROF provides a contribution to the ICES status report on ocean climate, issued yearly.

The trainee was mentored by Dr Marta Álvarez (@MartaAlvarezRo5, #INOCENlab), chemical oceanographer with vast expertise in inorganic carbon chemistry. The fellow joined her team at the INOCEN lab (Inorganic Chemical Oceanography lab), IEO A Coruña, and received training in sampling, measuring and data processing and reporting for several ocean essential variables: dissolved oxygen, pH, total alkalinity, total inorganic carbon and inorganic nutrients. Along with the INOCEN lab members, the fellow interacted on board with physical and biological oceanography IEO teams.

During the month before the cruise, the fellow was instructed in the different sampling and laboratory analysis for the correct work on board, and was involved in the preparation for the cruise;

On the cruise (2nd to 15th July 2023), the fellow worked in chemical oceanography (dissolved oxygen, pH, total alkalinity, total inorganic carbon and inorganic nutrients);

After the cruise, the fellow received an additional one-month training at the INOCENlab to work on data processing and interpretation.

Extracted from the Ocean Training Partnership


Lisando Arbilla (Argentina, Latin America)

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