In 2022, the NF-POGO Shipboard training programme joined efforts with @SeaNetwork, an alliance of shipboard training providers around the Atlantic ocean with the objective of jointly identify and address capacity development gaps and needs in training at sea across the Atlantic, particularly in developing countries.


The shipboard training onboard the R/V Belgica cruise, with host supervisor Dr David Van Rooij (University of Ghent, Belgium), was a multidisciplinary cruise, which includes seismics, multibeam, CTD & Niskin casts, ADCP, gliders and coring. The cruise track went from Zeebrugge (Belgium) to Galway (Ireland).

Fellows onboard R/V Belgica cruises

2023 –  Luiz Gustavo Valle (Brazil, Latin America)

2023 – Yan Weber Mesquita (Brazil, Latin America)

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