The Coastal Hazard Wheel: a new online tool from the United Nations Environment Programme

by Daniel Strain

The United Nations Environment Programme have publicly shared a new online tool: the Coastal Hazard Wheel. This tool allows communities to assess the hazards facing their coastlines, even in data-poor areas. It has three main purposes:
– Multi-hazard-assessments at local, regional and national level
– Identification of hazard management options for a specific coastline
– As a standardized coastal language to communicate coastal information

According to the website:

“The Coastal Hazard Wheel is developed to support coastal decision-making at all management levels and address the challenge of coastal climate change adaptation. It is based on a universal coastal classification system and functions as a key for classifying a particular coastal location, determining its hazard profile, identifying relevant management options and communicating coastal information. The Coastal Hazard Wheel App provides global coastal classification data in low-moderate quality and high quality national classifications will become gradually available as various

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