Call for Expression of Interest: 3rd Capacity-building Hub – 15 September 2021

2021 is a defining year, dubbed as the ‘make or break’ year of climate action. It is time for all actors involved in the response to climate change to pick up the pace and deliver results that have the capacity to bring out lasting impacts in the face of the unfolding climate crisis.

Join the 3rd Capacity-building Hub at COP26, November 1-12, in Glasgow, Scotland!

Hosted by the Paris Committee on Capacity-building (PCCB), the 3rd Capacity-building Hub will showcase efforts made towards greater climate actions in 2020 and 2021 through the lens of capacity-building.

Who should attend the Hub?

Besides government actors and international entities, non-state actors are particularly encouraged to join the 3rd Capacity-building Hub. Academics, experts from the private sector, representatives of philanthropic organizations and foundations, climate champions, youth representatives, indigenous peoples’ representatives, local artists, activists, media figures and influencers, journalists, and storytellers; are some examples of actors that the PCCB hopes to engage in the 3rd Capacity-building Hub.

The Paris Committee on Capacity-building is ready to welcome climate change-related capacity-building organizations, experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts to the 3rd Capacity-building Hub at COP26.

Call for expressions of interest

The call for expressions of interest to organize capacity-building related events in the 3rd Capacity-building Hub will be open from 1 to 15 September. Submissions received will be carefully reviewed, assessed, and allocated to the 5 thematic days:

  1. Capacity-building Day
  2. PCCB Focus Area Day
  3. UNFCCC Bodies, Entities, and Processes Day
  4. Adaptation & Resilience Day
  5. Finance & Technology Day

For more information follow the link below.

via UNCC
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