Poll to evaluate global progress on marine EBM

The Marine Ecosystem-based Management Progress Evaluation Group (MEBM-PEG) is conducting a poll to explore progress being made in implementing EBM for marine ecosystems. The information from this poll will be used to assist the MEBM-PEG group better assess progress towards EBM. This information will be analyzed and eventually published. Data will be aggregated so that individual responses cannot be identified. By responding to this poll, you acknowledge and consent to your views being used as described above. The poll takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, and the MEBM-PEG thanks you in advance for your time and effort to fill it out. In addition, they kindly request that you forward this poll to other colleagues who would be appropriate to provide inputs on EBM implementation. Please only take the poll once. You can access the poll here.

via MEBM
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