Call for Abstracts: Innovative session: Small Islands, Big Ocean – Ecological, physical and human connections in the Pacific – Deadline 29 September 2021

This session aims to examine connections among Pacific Islands and islanders mediated and fostered by the ocean. The session will highlight the interconnectedness of ecology and society underpinned by conservation, human wellbeing, livelihoods, culture, and governance. Pacific Island connections will be contextualized locally, regionally, and globally and include biological connectivity through currents and animal migration, cultural and scientific connections through voyages and exploration, and the integration of traditional ecological knowledge, scientific and technological innovation, policy, education, and conservation. Each themed session will include speakers from diverse backgrounds, whose research and practices connect across different disciplines, system dimensions and/or biogeographic and sociocultural jurisdictions. The opening session will include a keynote talk identifying Pacific Island connections across natural and human systems. This session will also include a panel discussion by policy makers, managers and community leaders providing their perspectives and identifying knowledge gaps, critical to effective policy development. This will be followed by three 1-hour themed sessions using a 6-5-30 format. Each themed session will address different scales of connectivity: Local, Regional and Global connections. Session speakers will be asked to highlight a connection linking their research with another relevant discipline or system dimension. There will also be a 1-hour video and poster session for Pacific Island youth, community stakeholders and conservation champions which will include both in-person and virtual presentations providing an opportunity for conference participants to learn about Pacific Island Connections from Pacific Islanders. The final 1-hour session will develop a blueprint for future actions supporting Pacific Island connections by building on past and current successes and identifying future opportunities and partnerships.

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