Webinar & Workshop: #MarineData4Africa – 30 Nov 2021 – 7 & 8 Dec 2021, online

Description: After two successful international events in Asia and America, the #MarineData4Africa event will cater to users of ocean and coastal data working in Africa. Through this event, the Copernicus Marine Service aims to engage with the marine communities in Africa, and share its global ocean data products and knowledge that can be used to support sustainable blue economies and ocean conservation in Africa. It will gather scientists, industry communities and the policy makers and the general public working on the Africa continent.

Webinar: “Dive into the Copernicus Marine Service”

In the first week (November 30 2021), the webinar “Dive into the Copernicus Marine Service” will give you the opportunity to be aware of the Copernicus Marine Service offer. In particular, you will be given operational information on:

  • How to access the data through the catalogue.
  • How to find information (news, events, blue markets etc.), and use the elearning material thanks to an overview of the Copernicus Marine website.
  • How data can be used in downstream services and applications through use cases testimonies.
  • How to visualize marine data with MyOcean Viewer presentation.

Workshop: “Let’s go further with the Copernicus Marine data”

In the second week (December 7 & 8 2021), will take place the workshop “Let’s go further with the Copernicus Marine Data” composed by two live appointments over two successive days combining with products and demo sessions.

The products session is dedicated to the introduction of the global products provided by the Copernicus Marine Service:

  • insitu & satellite observation products,
  • model products.

For further information, please follow this link.

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