EMB Secretariat officially endorses the ‘Restore our Ocean & Waters’ Mission Charter

As support to the Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030’, the EMB Secretariat has officially endorsed the recently announced Mission Charter.

Click here to endorse the Mission Charter and contribute by pledging actions to co-design, propose and implement policies, programmes, projects or initiatives that will contribute to the restoration of our Ocean and waters. By adhering to the Charter, you will be able to access services and tools that the Mission Ocean and Waters will deploy, best practices from previous projects, as well as tools to empower citizens to take action. You will become part of the Mission community and be involved in major Mission fora and events, allowing you to network with other participating communities. The ongoing success of the Mission Ocean depends on visible buy-in and active support from the community.

Please feel free to share this information among your networks, because in the words of the European Commission “only by joining forces can we restore the health of our blue planet”.

To find out more about the Mission Ocean and the Charter, follow this link

via EMB
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