WOA18 ODV collections now available for Ocean Data View

From Reiner Schlitzer (Ocean Data View, AWI):

This is to let you know that WOA18 ODV collections for the “all-years” time span are now available at https://odv.awi.de/data/ocean/world-ocean-atlas-2018/.


The same WOA18 ODV collections are also available on-line via our new “webODV Explore” service at https://webodv.awi.de/explore/. This site provides ODV-like data analysis and visualization in the browser without the need to install the ODV software nor download the sometimes large datasets. A wide range of community datasets from different compartments of the earth system are available. You find WOA18 under “Ocean > hydrography > woa18”. You may pass on this information to colleagues, but note that the site is still under development and can be down without warning. Feedback is welcome.


Best regards, Reiner


Prof. Dr. Reiner Schlitzer


Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung 

Am Alten Hafen 26

27568 Bremerhaven



via IODE
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