Ocean State Report Summary 04 released

The report offers a distilled look at the state, natural variations, and ongoing changes in the global ocean, and draws on the Copernicus Marine Ocean Monitoring Indicator (OMI) framework. “The Ocean is a central component of the Earth climate system and human communities depend heavily upon the goods and services provided by the Ocean. Understanding and monitoring the Ocean based on best available science is crucial to inform society, economic and environmental stakeholders – and to take action to protect the Ocean. The Copernicus Marine Service Ocean State Report activity offers a distilled regular look at the Ocean, and this forth issue provides a glimpse into the state of the European regional seas and the global Ocean over the past quarter of a century, showing for example a warming Ocean, with rising sea levels, acidification, retreating sea ice, changes in the oceanic food webs, socio-economic impacts, and extreme events”, said Karina von Schuckmann, oceanographer and chair of the Copernicus Marine Ocean State Report.

The OSR4 Summary has 5 sections that approach understanding the ocean from several angles: presenting the state of key ocean variables, examining ongoing changes to the ocean in line with climate change, analysing natural variability and extreme events, and discussing the services that the ocean provides to humanity. Lastly, it looks at the new tools and success stories from the Copernicus Marine Service that illustrate how accurate, timely information is key to understanding  and adapting to the evolving ocean.

Link https://marine.copernicus.eu/ocean-state-report-4-summary/

via Copernicus Marine Service
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