Copernicus Ocean State Report 5 Summary: Improving our understanding of the changing ocean and marine ecosystems

September 2021 saw the release the of fifth edition of the Ocean State Report (OSR 5) by the Copernicus Marine Service and Mercator Ocean International. The OSR 5 Summary is a concise, illustrated and easily accessible review of the full OSR 5, and it presents a comprehensive and state-of-the-art assessment on the current state, natural variations and ongoing changes in the global ocean and marine environments in the face of climate change and anthropogenic threats, in particular for the year 2019.

Drawing from the Copernicus Marine Service Ocean Monitoring Indicators, the OSR 5 Summary presents the current state and key observations of the changing ocean environment, examines the evolving impacts of these changes, discusses the importance of sustainable ocean governance for impact management and highlights new tracking and forecasting tools developed using Copernicus Marine Service products.

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