Modelling Different Components of Marine Plankton Biodiversity (MODIV)

Modelling Different Components of Marine Plankton Biodiversity (MODIV)

Osterstedt, Germany 19-21 August 2020

[A foresight workshop funded by EuroMarine after its 2019 call for proposals]

Interested Early-Career Scientists:

There are currently limited spaces available for interested early-career researchers of EuroMarine member organisations to participate in the upcoming foresight workshop: MODIV. The application period will close on 20 March, so if you would like to apply to join, please e-mail Dr Friederike Prowe (

MODIV aims to develop a fresh, innovative perspective on plankton diversity modelling, and to facilitate capacity building by bringing together a group of experts specialising in the different relevant branches of plankton modelling and reflecting different diversity concepts. To this end the workshop has three main objectives:
  1. Bring together a productive small group of scientists in a constructive environment.
  2. Increase exchange among the young European modelling community working on plankton biodiversity.
  3. Further establish marine biodiversity as a crucial topic to be tackled by the European research community, particularly within ecological and ecosystem modelling, marine ecology, and ocean biogeochemistry.

The organisers are specifically looking for early-career researchers with expertise and perspectives on the following topics:

  • plankton diversity modelling using remote sensing data
  • plankton diversity modelling using information from ‘omics’ and other ‘big data’
  • plankton groups typically underrepresented in ecosystem models (e.g. viruses, parasites, fungi)

Please refer to the workshop’s EuroMarine activity page for further details on the event.
For details on applying, please see the activity’s full announcement for early-career participants.


  • Dr Friederike Prowe, GEOMAR, Osterstedt, Germany.

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