We are currently seeking to appoint two exceptional candidates to the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow to work on a unique new project “Ecologically engineering Singapore’s seawalls to enhance biodiversity” hosted at the National University of Singapore and funded by Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF). This is a 4.5 year interdisciplinary seawall eco-engineering research project comprising multiple sub-projects represented by teams with extensive expertise in coral and intertidal biology, restoration ecology, engineering, microbiology, and materials science.

Research Fellow 1 will help lead the sub-project investigating the feasibility of transplanting coral fragments (and potentially other reef associated invertebrates) to the lower reaches of seawalls around Singapore. There is scope within this project for experimental work testing fundamental restoration questions, including species interactions, immersion and other stress responses, sexual vs asexual techniques, and among-genotype effects. Relevant experience and a high degree of diving competence are essential.

Research Fellow 2 is expected to identify new areas of synergy, and cement links, among the various sub-projects. Applicants should have expertise in two or more of the following academic disciplines: intertidal and/or coral reef ecology, hydrodynamics, microbiology, civil engineering, physical geography, materials science, statistics, and modelling (physical and/or numerical).

Applicants for both these positions should possess PhD qualifications and have a strong publication record for their career stage. Applicants should be keen to develop a highly-productive research career; desirable skills include leadership, excellent statistical and analytical skills, outstanding writing abilities, and the capacity to work within a diverse group of scientists. These are 2 year positions with the possibility of extending for another 2 years. Singapore citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to apply. Salary range is from 55,000 to 80,000 Singapore Dollars per year. Singapore has a low tax environment. Please address enquiries to Dr Peter Todd at dbspat@nus.edu.sg
Best wishes,
Peter Todd

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