PhD student position in CoastDark project – DL 14 Jun 19


PhD student position in CoastDark project

IOPAN | Sopot, Poland | Deadline: 14 Jun 2019

Project Title:
Changes in the structure and functioning of pelagic ecosystems affected by water darkening due to glacier/river runoff in the fjords of European Arctic (CoastDark)

Project Description:
The objective of the project is to analyse the influence of water darkening, due to the intensified glacier/river runoff, on the functioning of the marine pelagic food webs in the Arctic coastal waters. The aim is to quantify how the share of living plankton organisms in relation to mineral and organic particles will change along the gradient from the glacier/river discharge towards the open waters in the fjords of the western Spitsbergen. The project sampling will be carried out during two summer campaigns (July, 2019 & 2020) from the R/V “Oceania” in different fjords of the west Spitsbergen (e.g., Hornsund, Adventfjord, Kongsfjord). The investigation will be performed by the application of both modern optical methods and traditional oceanographic approaches. The water content at particular stations and depth water layers will be attributed to several traits: size, type (mineral vs organic, living vs dead) and composition. The final project result will be a model that will simulate the composition of various seawater components under different environmental scenarios.

Job Description:
Active participation in lab work, data collection (cruises) and preliminary analysis. Leading role in the design of a numerical model dealing with the content of “glacial soup” (plankton vs. suspended matter) in the Arctic coastal waters concerning various environmental scenarios. Implementation, testing and validation of the model and numerical calculations. Active participation in summary, presentation and publication of project results.


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